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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written December 27, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

There has been a number of small quakes today in Yellowstone, do you see a possible eruption or a huge quake coming in Yellowstone or nothing at all?

We have stated that Yellowstone will not erupt as a supervolcano as feared, but will act like an average volcano during the weeks until the pole shift and during the hour of the pole shift especially. There are layers of rock that have folded under Yellowstone because of the subduction of plates from the Pacific, and these ensure that the magma openings have closed or are more convoluted under Yellowstone. As to any exact date when an eruption might happen, we are not allowed to say.

Can the zetas comment on the dike that broke in Tennessee spreading toxic ash waste over 1.7 million cubic yards. Was this caused by plate movement which will lead to the New Madrid quake soon?

There has been no official explanation for the dam break as yet, but one will emerge that points away from any Earth changes, as all such explanations do by the establishmentís rules. One must not let the public know that dams will be breaking, or that sinkholes are increasing, or that water and gas mains are snapping. Such news invokes questions, and the establishment wants the public dumb and calm. This is not the first dam that has breached in Tennessee, for no apparent reason. The pace of such breaches will increase, with the public eventually realizing that the official explanations are suspect.

Can the Zetas address a bit more what their definition of a "6" on the 1-10 scale is? Is it just economic pain and the wobble that we now see? Are they saying something else big will happen in 3 to 4 days?

We stated in June that we considered the scale to be on a 4+ due to the flooding and crop shortages. This was all prior to the Wall Street crash that occurred in September and October, with the economy declining further since. We also stated two weeks ago that the big quakes expected which would place the scale at a 6 had not yet occurred. The end of 2008 may be considered to be approximate. Of this, we can say no more due to the rules we must honor set by the Council of Worlds.

You mentioned that for the mega earthquake to happen we will be at a 6. A 6 is where we will begin to start 2009. At what mag will kids from ages 5-10 begin to notice that the world is changing. I have 3 sibblings and for them everything is just fine and dandy. You said we are at 4 right now so kids at a 4 apparently really don't know whats going on. Also I thought u said we were at 2 a couple of weeks ago not 4.

As Nancy has posted, we stated in June that we considered the world to be at a 4+ on a scale of 1 to 10, with 6 being where we anticipated to be by the end of 2008. Since then we have had a financial collapse with a declining economy. But we stated on December 13 that the 6 we were referring to includes other Earth changes, not yet apparent. About that we can say no more.

Why is fox news now going after Paulson? Has Murdoch changed his tune now?

Right wing radio and TV have been in their element during the Bush years, as the true facts on the state of the economy and the progress of the war in Iraq have been hidden from the public. Now that Obama swept into office and the economy has crashed, revealing all, they have egg on their face. They must have someone to blame for the economic failures and fragile banking system, and to blame Bush and Cheney after years of touting their programs makes them look brain dead. Even their loyal followers would question such an approach. So Treasury Secretary Paulson is the scapegoat.

The Zetas mentioned that once Obama was in office they would be more forthcoming with pole shift specifics including timelines. Is this one day after he takes office or do other things need to fall into place first?

Correction. We never said "would". We said "might". This depends on so many factors that we could not list them all during the hour of the chat. Obviously, it is not day one.

10 year ago today I was walking home in a 3rd world country, when all of a sudden the most physical non physical force that I've ever felt made me do a 90 degree turn into the neighbors house. What the hell was that force? Considering that a few seconds later a whole gang with machetes started destroying the front of the house I was staying in with rocks and bottles, and the machetes?

The physical force was you, obviously. You had become aware from a disincarnate spirit that you were in danger, your subconscious made this decision, and had no time to explain matters to your conscious.

Is there any way to request a soul walk-in so that you don't have to devastate your family when committing suicide? Is there a way to abort your soul?

If you are contemplating suicide, your Spirit Guides are already aware of your situation and your desires. Once a soul sparks it cannot die, as we have stated. Your choices are to remain incarnated or to cop out and leave.

3.4 EQ in Pennsylvania today and 3.2 atYellowstone. Is the delay in traveling and the sludge in Tennessee what brings us to a 6?

Travel delays are nothing new during the severe weather that is increasingly becoming more chaotic. Nor is a single breaking dam that traumatic. But quakes in areas that are unaccustomed to them, and many breaks such as the almost simultaneous water main break in Maryland along with the sludge dam in Tennessee are indications of what is coming. About this we can say no more!

Is the recent financial crisis artificial? If so,which is the purpose of it? Who created it? Is it going to lead to a total financial meltdown?

We addressed this issue in past GLP chats, but will briefly repeat our answer. The Puppet Master, who is a financial Puppet Master, has no wish to see his assets devalued. He has no wish to see bank failures. The theory that some elements are trying to bring the US down by creating a financial depression is absurd on its face. This is not how the wealthy and powerful plot and plan! Some of the financial problems are cyclical, as during the Roaring 20s followed by the Great Depression in the 30s. But primarily the current depression has been created by two factors. One is the Bush administrationís desire to support their war in Iraq, by which they hoped to control the oil fields of the Middle East after the pole shift. The second is steady deregulation, which was started during the Clinton years but accelerated under Bush, who had a policy of rewarding the rich with greater riches and ignoring the poor.

Is there any special meaning to the 900,000 power failure in Oahu where Obama is vacationing?


How to find a landing UFO? What traffic rules UFOs and unidentified floating objects?

UFO landing sites are almost never identifiable, unless the aliens desire to leave a trace for humans to examine. How aliens manage to maneuver around each other is not a matter you need to be concerned with. Are you about to pilot a spaceship?

Is there any fallout from Blagojevich meetings with politicians, particularly with Jesse Jackson Jr. or any others? [and from another] Is Gov. Blagojevich as STS as the media and Fitzgerald seem to be portraying him? Or is he as STO as he is portraying himself? He obviously believes he's innocent, and Fitzgerald obviously believes him to be corrupt, but then again Fitzgerald didn't nab Rove when he had him in his sights despite the Zetas' claim that 'angels watched over him' [Fitzgerald] back then. We got 'Scooter Libby justice' instead.

We addressed Jesse Jackson's role in the Blagojevich affair in prior Godlike Production chats. Blagojevich is obviously a self-promoting opportunist, who has risen to the occasion by demonstrating how very shallow and materialistic he is. What gets prosecuted in federal court is not a reflection on overall guilt or innocence of those not prosecuted. Many factors must be considered.

In the case of the Bush administration, in particular with regard to individuals such as Rove or Cheney, there was guilt aplenty but a reluctance to create a "federal case" out of these matters as there was already in place a contingent blocking them. Their crimes were beyond prosecution, and even though they remain free, not in prison, they are still boxed in by this contingent. The contingent includes members of the Judiciary, Congress, the FBI, and the Department of Justice. These individuals are aware that a pole shift is approaching, and that the nation needs many matters addressed in the interim. Impeachment, or displaying the crimes of the Bush administration, would take up time and energy best placed elsewhere.

Caroline Kennedy seems very STS even though she is registered with all the "right" activities, is she going to be the new senator to replace Hillary? She may know all about who killed her relatives, so will she be a target herself or is she going to have to behave herself. I would not vote for her she symbolizes the elite of the elite to me.

This is of course a matter in the hands of man, specifically the governor of New York. What has not been stated in the news is that she is considering a request from her uncle not to leave the Senate without a Kennedy, as he anticipates dying soon. She would function remarkably well, thereby silencing her detractors.

Can the Zetas help explain why the Sixties were so fertile in terms of culture, such as the incredible talent of music, but we haven't been able to produce anything similar on such a scale since?

The 60s were reacting to the staid 50s. Creativity is often inspired by restrictions or difficulties, as has long been noted by sociologists and psychologists.

Please explain how karma, grace and orientation work together. For example if you kill someone your karma would be to be killed in this life or another, but if before that happens you risk your life to save people from a burning house, the law of grace means you have balanced your karma. But if you were STS you are still STS, right? So your orientation has not changed. Any comments would be helpful.

We have explained that karma as believed by many does not exist. The only karma that occurs during one's lifetime is as a result of your actions during your lifetime. For instance, if you are a bully and beat up others, you may find yourself facing a group of your former victims at some point, determined to beat you senseless. This is not karma as arranged by the Spirit Guides or the Universe but simply a result of your actions. It is just as likely that your victims will never get organized enough to pull it off.

Having said that, we must mention that the Spirit Guides will arrange an incarnation in your future such that you, the bully, understands fully what you have visited upon others. This might take many forms. For instance, if the soul in question is gaining empathy for others, you might be a doctor having to treat the victims of a bully. If not gaining in empathy, you might be forced to live in fear in a future life, to force this lesson upon you.

In the northeast where I live we have had below zero weather followed by record warmth about every three days. Is this oscillation the weather surprise you have mentioned earlier? And the storms seem very windy like all of 2006 whereas all of 2007 was notable for lack of wind in storms, generally, compared to 2008. Based upon what you have said, the Earth wobble from Planet X shifts us under the arctic air and back to the tropical air. Is there some other facts about that you still choose to keep quiet?

We stated in 1995 that drought and deluge would be excessive, and switch about. Then we stated that temperature extremes would be experienced too, switching about. At a later date we clarified that all this was due to the Earth wobble, and that these weather extremes would get steadily worse. Now, they are worse! But the worst is yet to come! We also stated that the seasons would seem to blend into one another. This has not yet occurred.

A simple question that may reveal a bit more about the daily life of the Zetans. Do the Zetans celebrate any holidays or officially recognise significant events/beings from their history??

Celebrations or holidays are relevant only as they remind those affected of what has occurred and allow an emotional release. To this extent, we celebrate and have holidays. Just what they are would be irrelevant to you, and thus not have meaning.

What do the Zeta's think of the Obama's picks for climate change section of the cabinet, i.e John Holden, Jane Lubchenco, and Carol Browner? What is Obama trying to achieve with his selection?

Obama's cabinet picks and other staffing have been roundly applauded by Democrats and Republicans alike. The wisdom of his picks is not apparent to all, but soon will be.

What do the Zeta's say about Kabbalah?

Religious rituals have no good purpose. They are meant to ensure that followers think less and follow mindless rules more - all of which dulls independent thinking and creates mindless drones.

I saw a recent 2 hr show about FDR. Was he poisoned to death by Stalin? Was he replaced much like Bush? Someone I met worked at Warm Springs and they said the Secret Service took a shotgun off the mantle and blew his brains out and it took a month to clean up all the blood. The official story that he had a migraine and lay down and died of an aneurysm seems planted if you read the only 3 accounts ever published, the public would not accept that type of hogwash today; but the show said his mistress was there and that is what happened [the official story] or was that part of the coverup too. I have been telling people who list the presidents assassinated that they missed one -FDR. I ask this because of curiosity and the knowledge that FDR will be in the news alot with Obama in office and the second Great Depression about to become reality.

FDR was not assassinated, nor did he have enemies.

Canada, Alaska, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, and Yellowstone all getting pounded by quakes today and yesterday. Most recently the larger quakes shook the Philippines, Italy, Tonga and Japan. This looks like something big (globally) is about to erupt. This is getting very violent. Erratic weather as well. I'm curious, is a storm (or quake) surge next?

We have detailed over the recent past that quake increases had become exponential, rather than lineal as formerly. Also that the rock fingers preventing fault lines from rubbing against each other, making significant movement during any given quake, have been rubbed off so that the fault lines were smooth and would allow greater movement during quakes. Quakes have increased in frequency and magnitude, a fact the USGS would love to hide but the quakes are noticeable by the public so some mention must be made. Still, the USGS is underplaying the magnitude of these quakes greatly, attempting to put on the brakes. These matters have only started to escalate. About this we cannot be more specific.

Are UFO swarms a show in force? I mean the swarms that include a lot of "little" UFOs. Are there individuals in one of those little craft and why do they travel together?

UFOs are never intended to intimidate, which a "show of force" would imply. Mass sightings only occur when the populace that would be affected is sufficiently comfortable with the alien presence so that fear would not be engendered. A "show of force" would only be implied if some sort of demand by aliens had been made and not yet fulfilled by mankind, for instance.

Does Zeta economy include ways to appropriate and use their own technology - like us buying DVDs etc. Do they have money for that?

The Zetas do not have an economy, as in your concept of an economy. We don't use money as we have no need for a medium of exchange. All actions are determined by need, by the need of the general community, and in response to that need. All roles are self-chosen, without direction by others. Unless you are a highly Service-to-Others individual living among others with the same spiritual orientation, you would be confused by this description. Such human communities exist today, highly cooperative and without apparent leadership.

What about Gaza? Will the war spread? [and from another] With a new hard right leader to come to power in Israel and the attacks on Hamas today, and all the rockets from Gaza to Israel, what is to become of this?

The leadership of Israel is very fearful about the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. They know this is coming, and not just because Obama won the election and promised a withdrawal. The current state of the economy in the US ensures that continuation of the war is not possible. Israel has made enemies of more than just the Palestinians during its short life. It has threatened and bullied all of its neighbors. We have often mentioned that the bully is a coward, as much of the bluster and cruel treatment of others is an attempt to deflect fear of one's own demise onto others. In this Israel, as with other bullies, only undercuts its own security, and in the end its people will pay the price. These confrontations, as with others in the past, will not spread out of the immediate borders with Israel, but will also not die down in the time between the present and the pending pole shift.

What criteria do Zetas use in selecting women to harvest eggs? My wife has had many such experiences. Does that mean she is STO or that she is emotional [very] or that because she is of very hardy viking stock; or two of the three or all three? At what age does the egg harvest stop in most cases? She is 55 now but still has dreams of Zetas and space ships. Does that mean anything? She has been taken to play with her hybrid children, and loves them. Does that mean she would be rescued to be with them in the shift, and does that apply to all whose genetic material was harvested. None of her 'experiences' have been traumatic. To her people are traumatic and aliens are full of love and "fun".

As Nancy can attest to, eggs are harvested primarily from adolescent girls, as at this time eggs have the least damage and the best integrity. The stuff of dreams has no time limit or age, however. Highly Service-to-Others individuals involved with the hybrid program are personally welcomed into the hybrid communities, but most wish to stay with the humans dependent upon them. This is the nature of Service-to-Others individuals. Their attitude is one of responsibility.

Pakistan has moved its troops away from Afghanistan, just as the Bombay bombers hoped. How will that affect US hopes, and what can you tell us of India vs Pakistan now with such heightened tensions? [and from another] Will either side (India and Pakistan) launch a nuclear weapon at each during this year and/or next year?

Neither India nor Pakistan wants war, as they have engaged in confrontations in the past and found that no resolution of conflicts results. Afghanistan is not run by its official government but by tribes, which includes the Taliban. All of these conflicts will simmer until the pole shift, when they will become irrelevant because of the onslaught of Earth changes affecting the region. India will go under water. Afghanistan will rip open to become a new seaway. And all countries surrounding India will be plunged into polar cold.

There sure seems to be a lot more "debunkers" gathering to your site lately. More than usual and more aggressive in their attacks. What do they hope to prove? Just by being here, they disprove themselves. What a sad, pathetic person it must take to be a debunker. Have they no life other than attacking others?

The ranks of the unemployed are rising and anyone with a PC at home can collect a paycheck by debunking. But in the main, a rise in debunking indicates that the Earth changes have become a threat, that the truth has become a threat, and they hope to prevent honest discussion of the issues by creating more noise.

As a refresher, once the pole has shifted, what types of veggies will we be able to grow without the help of grow lights?

There are low light plants such as scurvy grass, potatoes, sheep sorrel and various fungi that will grow in dim light. Be prepared to experiment, having seed on hand.

What are the most important two or three things that Service-to-Others should be concentrating on going into the Pole Shift?

There is no Service-to-Others guidebook. It depends upon many things - the ability and physical health of the Service-to-Others individual, the skill set of that individual, the setting the individual finds themselves in, the needs of others in the vicinity, etc. What we are saying is that a Service-to-Others individual is aware of others, is empathetic with their situation, and is willing to sacrifice their own comfort for the wellbeing of others.

Russia announced new ICBMs with multi nuke warheads are to be constructed to replace old liquid fueled rockets. But they have riots over the economy and food, but they are expanding the navy so it seems that they wish they could be as powerful as the Soviet Union but find a new reality harsh. They also used Georgia to discover that their field operations are antiquated. So where is all that going and what will Hillary do to calm it down, if she can.

We have explained that all countries will be under stress as the pole shift approaches, but will bluster rather than rush into war. Making claims and posturing is part of the bluster. The claims may be far from being fact. Increasingly, countries aware of what is coming will be having frank talks about the Aftertime, establishing territorial boundaries and the like.

It is just seeping in that shipping, especially international dry container shipping and oil shipping is in BIG trouble. The Royal Bank of Scotland financed Greek shipping and order cancellations for new ships are huge. Germans control 40% of the world's cargo shipping and Japanese shipping and ship construction is approaching end of WWII levels, ie beginning with nothing. India has shipments waiting on the docks that will never go to the US or Europe as orders have been canceled. Please discuss the future of shipping as much as you can.

Shipping futures depend upon the demand for what is being shipped. If funds for toys and trinkets disappears, it may be that shipping food stocks or housing components for post-disaster buildings increases. The future of any industry is dependent upon its flexibility.