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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written March 15, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Fallon's Exit Provokes Concern on Bush's Iran Policy [Mar 12] Admiral William Fallon's resignation as U.S. commander in the Middle East provoked criticism that President George W. Bush won't tolerate dissent and fed speculation his Iran policy could become more confrontational. Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced that Fallon, 63, was resigning over perceived differences on Iran policy with the Bush administration. Fallon will retire from the Navy at the end of March. Fallon's resignation came after publication of an article in Esquire magazine, written by Thomas P.M. Barnett, a former professor at the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island, that portrayed the admiral as the bulwark opposing a U.S. offensive against Iran. "If, in the dying light of the Bush administration, we go to war with Iran, it'll come down to one man," Barnett wrote. "If we do not go to war with Iran, it'll come down to the same man. He is that rarest of creatures in the Bush universe: the good cop on Iran, and a man of strategic brilliance."

The Bush clone switch occurred because of the threat that Admiral Fallon would be dismissed, by being removed abruptly, and a hard press to proceed with war plans against Iran on the heels of such a dismissal. Admiral Fallon was unaware of the Bush switch, but had conferred with others in the contingent blocking Bush and Cheney and concluded that his absence would not remove the other blocks in place. Admiral Fallon was aware that Esquire planned to publish an extensive article about him and his perceived role in blocking the Bush White House war plans. In conference with others in the contingent blocking Bush, Admiral Fallon concluded that they could take advantage of an opportunity to get the issue into the major media in a way that had not previously occurred. This certainly was the case, with his resignation simultaneous with the Esquire article hitting the press. Thus, the article was more widely read, and quoted, than would have been the case.

Was Elliot Spitzer framed by the FBI as a retaliatory measure from his enemies in Wall Street?

Spitzer had many enemies, indeed. The funds were being followed because there was concern that an elected official was perhaps paying off a bribe, or being blackmailed. When this was discovered not to be the case, the matter could have been dropped, frankly. How many Johns get prosecuted? How many escort services get busted? Of course this is against the law, but what about Clients 1-8? Clearly, his abrasive nature played a part, with more than one party looking to get even for insults thrown their way in the past.

Can the zetas comment on the recent rash of unusual deaths among British police? Re the supposed suicide of the lead investigator of the CIA torture flights in England.

These types of assassinations are routine when a period of fraud in government or fraud at a large corporation comes to an end. Those who are investigating the crimes are the first to be targeted, but those who were participants are targets too. What a rash of deaths tells the public is that the activity is coming to a stop, the perpetrators on the run and scared.

Did Michael Todd commit suicide as reported? He was Manchester's Chief Constable who had been leading a probe into claims that CIA "extraordinary rendition" flights had been landing in the UK.

He was clearly killed. There are those within the UK who do not want their approval of this process brought to light.

Does McCain realize how vulnerable he will be this fall? Are they still counting on Diebold or are they planning another "October surprise" event that will be hopefully blocked?

All of the above and more. McCain appeals to independents and there will be some Democratic crossover votes for him likewise. Thus, he polls fairly close to the Democratic candidates, especially to Clinton who does not have the appeal to independents that Obama does. They anticipate trying to keep the death rate in Iraq to a minimum by just avoiding patrols and keeping the troops on the base, to add weight to McCain's claim that the surge worked. Rove is assisting, so there should be no doubt that dirty tricks will be attempted.

Will Bush2 be teleported back at the end of his term to face karmic justice?

The Bush 2 clone was executed, gunshot to the head. He was not expecting this and felt no pain. Why was this done? It was felt there was a slight risk that he might escape, especially during Earth changes which could discombobulate the prison system where he would be held. If he escaped in Europe, this could potentially create a lack of confidence in government in the US, as it would be clear that doubles were being used. Bush 1 would be headed for a similar fate if his health were not so thoroughly destroyed. He is a drunk, and looks it.

So now that the Bush switch has been made, will we begin to see a ramping down of the previous Bush administration antics?

Some antics will remain, else the public and those in the White House would be suspicious that a switch had been made, that a double was used. On those issues where it matters there will be a different hand at the helm. This is the important issue.

Why does the USA keep adding to the "Strategic Oil Reserves" every week/day at current high prices? You would think that if they stopped or signal the intent to stop it would drive prices lower. I assume they dont want lower prices. Your thoughts.

The Bush administration has presumed it will be driven out of Iraq. The US military has likewise refused repeatedly to invade Venezuela and attempting to overthrow Chavez or assassinate him has not worked out for the Bush White House. Thus, they are faced with having to contemplate the coming pole shift with only the oil fields on the N American continent under their control. A foolish move by the Bush White House has been to pump oil into the caverns off shore of Texas in the Gulf. These salt caverns may be cheap, at present, but will not be accessible after the pole shift, and may shatter, disbursing the oil into the Gulf. Going from planning to be King of the World to being in an enclave without an energy source will be a big drop for some egos. The pole shift will not be a happy time for this crowd.

A health trend by those who can afford it now is "Lasik" eye surgery, wherein after a short and slightly uncomfortable procedure using lasers, people's vision is restored to 20/20, although some report only making it to 20/40. My question is, since this is a new procedure, starting commercially recently, is this worth it, or are there repercussions to this we don't yet understand because it is not "time-tested"? Alternatively, some natural forms of medicine claim eye-glasses are a sham and can actually weaken the muscles making vision poorer in the long run. Do the eye muscle exercises natural practitioners suggest truly work to strengthen vision? In survival mode, with the contact supply run out, our only pair of glasses finally broken, can vision strengthen itself back up with the body's own drive to adapt?

Going without glasses or contacts is known to strengthen the eye muscles but also can be a strain on these muscles. All surgery carries risks, and this is within the bank of human knowledge. No need to ask ourselves such questions.

Can the zetas comment on the Carlyle Group's Carlyle Capital fund going bankrupt? (The first one to go public.) Is this part of the Puppet Master's plan to decapitate the Bush crowd? Are those that are trying to bail it out, including Merrill Lynch, the same bunch that was behind 9/11, or the ones being targeted by 9/11?

The Puppet Master does not want to see massive bank failure, and to the extent that a hedge fund or derivative gambling involved loans from banks using supposed assets held as colateral, there is concern about potential bank collapses. Private gambling funds, set up to allow the wealthy to gain profits, are not a concern of the Puppet Master. These individuals may be ruined, but they went willingly and knowing the risks into these gambling activities.

WiFi: The British have been quick to take WiFi internet hookups out of schools as there are contradictory and very little studies on the long term effects of exposure. The U.S., not so quick. WiFi operates at approx 2.4 GHz (not that I'm an expert) like a cordless land-line phone from the '80s, or a walkie talkie. On a quick phone call, or kids playing with walkie talkies for an hour or so, I can see how there is little to no harm done. However a WiFi Broadband Router sending a 2.4 GHz signal throughout the home 24/7 might not be the healthiest thing. I realize this is all based on who's immune system can fight what, but my educated guess is that constant WiFi is a bad way to go for now. Any comment on this?

To the extent that there is documentation that cell phone use or wireless internet hookups are harmful, one should take precautions. It has long been known that those living under high voltage electric lines develop cancer at a higher rate than those not living under this risk. As with any hazard, no need to ask us about this as the information, the data, is within the human knowledge base.

How does living in a family look like on Service-to-Self prison planet?

Service-to-Self societies do not have family settings. All are raised in an orphanage. Sex for propagation is forced upon females unless fetuses can be raised in a laboratory setting. Sex for pleasure is rape, by the strong upon the weak.

What about suicide? Can a Service-to-Other alien end his life for whatever reason and will he be incarnating on a prison planet after wards as punishment?

We have addressed the issue of suicide and stated that in our society this is not considered a sin or a crime. Whose life is it anyway? Suicide can be a selfish act or a selfless act, depending. The Catholic Church may rail against it, telling the flock they will burn in Hell if they commit suicide, but they do not have the authority to send anyone to a prison planet. Becoming solidly Service-to-Self is a process that takes hundreds of lifetimes.

Why does the Council of Worlds require that "star seeds" regarding visitations are recorded only in the subconscious? They are not from this world so why must everything be kept from them, kept from them consciously? I know it's record in the soul.

Since the time of Roswell, contactees have had their visits recorded only in their subconscious. Previous to this contactees had conscious recall. Thus books such as the Vedas, which detailed aliens in India, were describing actual alien life forms. This rule, that contact be recorded only in the subconscious, was imposed by the Council of Worlds to protect contactees during the anticipated rapid rise of the Awakening. Contactees are on the increase, and as the population becomes comfortable with the concept, mass sightings of UFOs are experienced, and then yet more humans give the Call and become contactees out of curiosity. It has happened on worlds undergoing a rapid Transformation, a rapid Awakening, that those who are fearful of the alien presence can react with fear and attack those who are curious and welcoming. Contactees in the recent past on Earth have certainly come under attack by the government and organized religions. They can get fired from their jobs or divorced if they talk about their visitations freely. By being recorded only in the subconscious, they can get in touch with their memories when the time is right.

Pope Benedict, will be visiting the White House on his US visit. Will the 10th Planet be the main topic in their discussions?

Coordination in informing the public is his prime concern. He is not concerned about warning the public so they can prepare to help themselves. He is only concerned about when to take himself to safety and how to protect assets for his personal use. The current Pope is not a caring man, as his participation in the pedophilia cover-up would indicate. The Pope is aware that the US is a strong proponent of the cover-up over the presence of Planet X, however, many other countries have leaked clues to their populace. He knows that once the US starts to inform its public, even in a limited manner, that other countries are likely to be much more active in revealing the truth. Thus, he wants to be informed ahead of any steps the US may take.

With the Winter Soldiers conference this weekend, will it have far reaching positive effects for the Iraq, Afghanistan, and possible Iran wars? Will they succeed in getting the point across or will there be retribution from the Powers That Be? Will this influence the upcoming elections since Ron Paul is the only one who wants to withdraw troops immediately? Will this influence Barack and Hillary?

As with all vehicles that trot out the truth, the Winter Soldiers conference is a step in the right direction. The public has only belatedly been informed of the extent of pain and disability that war has wrought. Any such publicity will of course result in more of the US populace desiring to end the war in Iraq.

Can the Zetas comment on the fact that the House successfully stood up to the cries of "danger! danger!" in not passing the version of the "Protect America Act" that Bush and McConnell wanted? Are they growing a backbone?

Yes. Congress was faulted for not standing up to Bush when they did not have the votes to override his vetoes. The only alternative was to refuse to rubber stamp the legislation he was vetoing, thus throwing the matter back on him. Congress is objecting to the immunity from prosecution that Bush is asking for, to protect his past partners in crime. If he drops this demand, the Patriot Act would become law again. Thus it is Bush who is putting the US in danger, theoretically, if he does not sign what they forward to him. Where it seems to matter, or where they cannot be faulted (such as the stimulus bill), Congress moves rapidly. Where it obviously does not matter, they will now increasingly be taking control of what becomes law. Bush can no longer dictate, as in the past.

Where was this Kansas City underground pipeline carrying petroleum to? There are rumors of a huge underground military base in the area, but no proof has ever been presented.

There are hundreds of bunkers throughout the continental US, with only a handful known to the public. We have explained that an underground complex was built near Houston, of all places, when it will surely be flooded and then under water for hundreds of years after the pole shift. The reason Bush Sr. approved a Houston complex was because Service-to-Self aliens, who routinely lie, encouraged it. The Service-to-Self aliens are anticipating a rich harvest among those elite who took their advice, due to the hopelessness and fear that their situation will engender. Such emotions lean one toward the Service-to-Self . Kansas City is lowland, and not a wise place for an underground complex, but one was indeed constructed there. Long before the pole shift arrives, however, those planning to use this complex will see it flooded, and in horror realize they will be thrown in with the lot of the common man during the shift. Karma at work.

Last week you stated that the government was moving MRE's into a cave in southern Indiana. Yet, on your "safe locations" page you state that Indianapolis will be on the border of the land and ocean. Why would the government stock supplies in a location that would be unreachable?

Kokomo will be barely into dry land, and hardly high and dry, as you say. Once again, a poor choice of location. The location was chosen due to its relative accessibility to both the East and West portions of the US that are expected to remain above water when the Mississippi Valley is flooded. Land routes bridging the East and West are through Canada or just below the Great Lakes, and they wanted an alternative government site to be on US soil.

Last night's downtown Atlanta tornado "came out of nowhere" and the weather warnings were not out in time and afterward they were still hesitant to even call it a tornado when it clearly was.

We have predicted that tornados would occur in atypical places, but would not be at a strength outside of what mankind now expects. Likewise with hurricanes. Both these matters have occurred, and will increasingly occur, because the Earth wobble has become more violent, more forceful and quick. It will only get worse as the Earth approaches the time of the pole shift.

I woke up the other night to the bed shaking and heard a boom that felt like an earthquake, I got up and checked the internet-no quakes, no thunder. I have had the bed shake before, vibrate and so has a friend of mine. We have discussed this together, and my friend seems to think it is unreleased body energy-what the yogis call kundalini. Many urban myths also talk about beds shaking, ghosts whatnot (though I understand ghosts can't really move the physical very well). Is this actually part of a visitation or something? Or is this a form of unreleased energy while sleeping?

Poltergeist activity is a phenomena that is caused by a human in the vicinity, using a brain wave related to intense anger. This is well documented in human lore. Booms and air movement related to visitations is another matter, caused by density shifting done by the visitors who are arriving from another dimension. When the ships depositing the visitors leave, there is a hole in the atmosphere, so the air claps together when filling this void. Thunder claps have a similar basis, lightning super heating the air to create a void. Any such clapping in a room likewise can shake the bed. These are all just signs that a visitation has occurred.

Some commodity prices, notably grains but also oil, have gone up recently in something like a straight line. The Zetas said at one point that there was a covert effort to keep a lid on grain prices. Is this effort failing?

Price controls have not yet been put into place. We have long predicted that this will be one tool used by the establishment in order to reduce panic and rioting as shortages develop. In the US, the dropping dollar is also a factor, making food and fuel more expensive in relative terms. To the extent that price controls can be imposed, they are likely to be imposed at some point, but such controls can also be counterproductive if this means that supplies are simply not made available to the consumer when the price is set too low. Nothing short of martial law can change those matters, and this is too extreme a measure, at least within the US.

Does each solar system have 'oversouls' that watch over certain planets and are the Elohim in charge of watching over Earth?

No, and No.

People who hold watches and get stories about the owner in their minds, or bad feelings from a ring, or a chair, or a used sweater. Are people who are more inclined to be psychic simply using the objects as an anchor to get pictures or is there some physical imprint or "vibes" left by the previous owner still attached to, say a vintage watch, or an ancient artifact?

Telepathy, or soul to soul contact, is enhanced by thoughts that are similar or about the same objects, feelings or time frame. The psychic seeking information entertains these thoughts, trying to enrich the setting that is the focus. If seeking a lost child, for instance, the psychic will find the kidnapper if the psychic inhales the scent of the child on its blankets or toys, or if the psychic entertains the physical appearance of the child in their mind, or if the psychic visits the setting from which the kidnapper took the child. All of these memories are in the mind of the kidnapper! Once the psychic has located the kidnapper, a telepathic conversation can take place, where the psychic is asking the kidnapper his location, the route he took during escape, and the like.

Will there be a total US economic collapse, and if so, what (if anything) will be done to people with lots of debt?

The housing bubble and the credit card mess was encouraged so that the US economy would have the façade of a boom, a façade of health. Clearly, as so many have pointed out, debt is not economic health. Bankruptcies are at an all-time high, both for personal as well as corporate entities. During the Great Depression, homelessness increased, houses and farms were left vacant, and bank failures occurred. Homelessness has already increased in the US today, but in the main as families go bankrupt they simply refuse to pay the bills and move in with family or friends - condensing their living arrangements. Some will set up living in their cars, and many have already done this. As the saying goes, one cannot get blood from a turnip. Bill collectors cannot hound a family or individual if they no longer have a phone or an address!