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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written February 23, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Nothing As It Seems? Cylinder of Light and Great Explosion in Siberia [Feb 17] According to the data of the Ministry, gas workers overlapped the emergency section, and fire was liquidated at 19.16 MSK. There are no populated areas in the zone of emergency. The gust of the main gas pipe occurred in the October region (northwest of the city Khanty Mansiysk) at 18.15 MSK on Saturday. There are no victims or injured, as mentioned in the report on the site of the Ministry. Emergency crews of "Tyumen'TransGaz" removed consequences of the gust in the main gas pipe located in the Khanty Mansiysk autonomous area, as reported on Sunday by Emergency and Disaster Relief Ministry of the Russian Federation. A similar emergency - the break of the main gas pipe with the subsequent fire occurred on Sunday morning in the suburb of Valdaya (Novgorod region). There are no injuries. According to the specialists of Emergency and Disaster Relief Ministry, possible reason for the incident is a deformation of the pipe with the so-called "fatigue of metals".

Much of Russia is low land, which is why Siberia and the area around Moscow will disappear under the waves after the pole shift. We have mentioned that rivers often flow above fault lines, as the land there has been pulled apart and lacks support, thus is lower than the surrounding land. These gas line breaks did not occur in mountainous regions, they occurred in low lying regions. The great Eurasian plate will not remain in one piece during the pole shift. As we have explained, it will be pulled apart just as the N American plate will be pulled apart. The N American plate will rip at the St. Lawrence Seaway, which will become an inland bay, and the Eurasian plate will, in a similar manner, develop an inland bay where Afghanistan and Pakistan now lie. This bay will tear inland into Russian territory. We described in our Scripted Drama how the land masses will adjust during the hour of the shift, stating that this inland bay will be created as a result of the Atlantic ripping open, allowing the great Eurasian plate to lurch eastward. This tugging is in place today during the daily wobble. The plates to either side of the ripping Atlantic are tugged, opening this rift at each instance. The pulling apart of the Eurasian plate has already begun!

Care to say why the B2 crashed? [and from another] Stealth Bomber Crashes; Pilots Safe [Feb 22] A B-2 stealth bomber plunged to the ground shortly after taking off from an air base in Guam on Saturday. A board of officers will investigate what caused the aircraft to crash at 10:30 a.m., shortly after taking off from a runway. It was the first crash of a B-2 bomber. The accident occurred 11 days after a Navy plane crashed into the ocean about 20 miles northeast of Guam's Ritidian Point.

First ever crash for this model. The plane crashed close to the landing strip. For a plane designed to float on large span wings, its ability to maneuver was missing. This was not a situation where propulsion was lost as then it could have arranged to glide to a semblance of a smooth landing. Control of the plane was gone. The ability to steer it was gone. Once again, magnetic flux, which electronics has little defense against, has struck. Planes can defend against lightning, which can be deflected. But magnetic flux permeates the area, and is not a defense planes are anticipated to need. Thus, they are vulnerable. Magnetic flux in equipment on the ground results in broken equipment that is simply replaced. In a plane, there is no opportunity for repair!

Is Russia under the influence of the Puppet Masters? After the fall of the Soviet Union, Yeltsin allowed the western banks to come in and buy up many industries for pennies on the dollar, but now many of those bankers have been kicked out and Russia has repaid all it's debt to the Paris Club, making it independent of western banks, and the Puppet Masters altogether. But on the other hand, a few years ago during the Yukos scandals, we had Rothschild come in and buy the majority share of that company. So, it's a bit confusing as to what the real status of Russia's 'sovereignty' is and whether Russia is truly independent from the Puppet Masters control. Can the Zetas explain? And also, what is the Puppet Master's stance on this increasing war rhetoric between Russia and the USA? What would the Puppet Master like to see happen between Russia and the USA in the future?

All so-called western civilizations are under the Puppet Master's influence, as are Asian cultures. It is not a direct ownership control, but rather the influence that great wealth can bring to bear. It is what great wealth can accomplish that is the key. As we have often mentioned, the Puppet Master is highly intelligent and no fool. Those who imagine a command and control structure under a Puppet Master are being naïve. The cultures of the world are not homogeneous nor would forcing them to be so achieve any kind of meaningful end. The Puppet Master is first and foremost the head of a large family trust, and is empowered to not only protect these assets but increase them. He does not want artificial games such as merging cultures to interfere with his primary goal. In that merging cultures is not feasible, there is of course some competition and friction between them. This is considered a natural outcome, a sociological outcome.

Is Gore likely to endorse Obama soon or is he still holding himself in reserve as a potential compromise Democratic candidate should the Democratic convention get messy? I assume that he would do whatever he thought would be best for the party and by extension the country?

We have mentioned that Gore does not want to inflame the Clintons for fear that they will start throwing dirt which would ultimately harm the Democratic party. This is already happening between Obama and Hillary, and is likely to become extreme before Hillary is dragged off by the party and forced to stop demanding they coalesce behind her. In Obama's case, his squeaky clean record protects him so these accusations turn back on Hillary and make her look mean spirited and desperate. But Gore had to stand by and watch while the Clintons broke many laws for their personal benefit, faced with the choice of blowing the whistle on them or remaining silent for the sake of the Democratic party. If Gore were to at the present time endorse Obama, he fears the Clintons would be so enraged they would throw accusations that would hurt everyone involved, including themselves. Bill Clinton's behavior prior to and just after the S Carolina victory by Obama was a case in point. For someone who had the legacy of being the "first black president" he was demeaning blacks, all for the immediate gain of his wife's presidency. What else would he throw on the funeral pire?

It appears that the financial collapse has already begun in earnest and is being well hidden presently. Bank reserves are now negative in aggregate, municipal bonds cannot be sold, financial institutions are hiding both the amount and content of their portfolio for fear of discovery of their rot. The zetas have indicated that when the crash happens, those who have not used their assets to prepare for the shift will be locked out as paper assets will be frozen or have little value in exchange. Will the time tested financial assets of gold and silver be of use to use as "money" to acquire supplies or land after the financial panic but prior to the actual shift? Their value relative to paper currencies has increased significantly as of late.

We have indicated that a frank barter system will not be in place in most countries prior to the shift, but rather a price freeze or limited access type of control. We have stated that the paper value of many assets such as stocks or home ownership may remain in place, but the actual value will be revealed as lower than the stated value by an inability to sell the asset. This situation already exists in housing within the US, but a well guarded secret is that it exists in the stocks and bonds markets too to a great extent. If inflation threatens to generate riots, price freezes may be imposed. Certainly such freezes will be imposed to prevent gouging during shortages. Bank failures will be prevented by limiting access to banking services and withdrawals. This is likewise already in process, though not widely announced in the press. Certainly there will be those trying to use gold and silver instead of paper money, or other currencies instead of the dollar, but by the time the dollar is considered worthless there would be no incentive to accept gold or silver either. By that time, it will be clear what assets are truly worth anything at all, and what are worthless. One cannot eat gold or silver, nor catch a meal with them.

Can the zetas speak to the recent quakes in Norway and Nevada? Is the western US finally showing the effects of the strain it is being placed under?

We have repeatedly statement that earthquakes are no longer increasing on a linear basis, but are increasing on something more akin to an exponential basis. We have mentioned that the plates have their edges smoothed, and can thus move further during any adjustment. A record quake in Norway is to be expected in any case, eventually, given what we have predicted will be in place going into the last weeks. Nevada is under stress due to the bowing along the west coast. We mentioned during the Utah mine collapse that this was due to the bowing, for instance. This is all going to get worse!

There is a lot of information out on the internet about a "New World Order". What is it and who is behind it?

This famous phrase, primarily attributed to the senior Bush, George Herbert, during a speech, reveals the expectation of a handful of elitists strongly in the Service-to-Self to be kings of the world by the time the pole shift arrives. The phrase has been used frequently enough in various speeches so that the populace would get used to the idea, or so they hoped. The main card was played in getting the junior Bush, George Walker, into the White House by voter fraud, and thence sending the powerful US military into the oil fields of the Middle East. By controlling the powerful US military and what was to become black gold, the next medium of exchange in the post pole shift period, they would assume kingship of the world. Things have not worked out as planned.

Anything on Kosovo and Serbs and Russians and NATO?

Artificial boundaries drawn up by outside forces to resolve local wars never resolve the issues, as history has so often shown. Iraq's boundaries were drawn up by the British not to create a cohesive country but to keep the country from becoming strong. Kurds, Shia, and Sunni simply do not get along, and should have been allowed to run regional governments. Serbia was and is ambitious, and preferred genocide in Kosovo to having Kosovo separate from Serbia. The citizens of Kosovo are simply declaring the better solution, and Serbia, as most bullies do, is objecting.

My first question is about Why the police were ordered to stop weapon screening @Obama Dallas rally? Is someone trying to set him up?

One cannot have a rally with close to 20 thousand attendees while screening every attendee. Obama was a party to the decision, and chose to have less security in order to continue with large rallies. All security was not dropped, obviously, but we will not address what security measures were retained. Dallas was not treated in an exceptional manner. It was the Dallas police who wanted greater security than other locations have demanded, because they did not want the new JFK to meet the demise of the original JFK.

What's behind the New York Times story about McCain? Is it merely a smear campaign or was someone told to release some of his dirty laundry to hinder his progress? And is it going to work?

The forces that plan to work against a candidate often wait until this candidate has emerged as the nominee, which McCain in essence has. McCain has many enemies, as does Clinton. If Hillary were not going to be clearly beaten by Obama, there would be exposes about her coming out too. McCain has many, many past sins of a similar nature to the one claimed, and is now having the "Keating 5" revisited in the media and the fact that he is surrounded by lobbyists on this campaign exposed. This matter will not die down.

"So they must feel free to make this veiled threat to Bush to cut off further oil supplies from the Niger delta." Are these legitimate fighters making this threat or is it manipulated events to justify Bush to order US troops to Nigeria?

There is legitimate rebellion in Nigeria because of oil exploitation and the brutality employed to allow US oil companies to do as they wish in the area without regard to the human rights of the natives. These matters have been stewing for years, but some want to take advantage of the Bush trip to Africa to shame him into attending to these abuses.

It's amazing the energy that Obama is creating. Is Hillary prepared for her exit or do her skeletons need to be released for her to go quietly?

Hillary, and in particular Bill, will not go quietly, but the drama will occur mostly behind the scenes. As has been noted, most of the super delegates have not endorsed. Major players such as Pelosi, who will act as chairperson at the convention, and Gore, another senior democrat, have not endorsed though both are leaning to Obama as is known. Hillary and Bill want to go to the convention and haggle until they get their way - wear the delegates down. They have been doing this behind the scenes already. The Clintons will be threatened with massive public action against them unless they conceded. The threat will include having almost all the super delegates and certainly the major players such as Pelosi and Gore endorse Obama, en mass. This would be a supreme embarrassment to the Clintons, forcing them to crawl forward with a demoralized campaign and facing ridicule in the press. The alternative would be to have Hillary concede, which we predict she will do after Pennsylvania. But between then and now, she will continue to squirm and go negative. None of her tactics will work.

If people have supply of food, water, heirloom seeds, fruit trees, etc., what should they do next? Should they pay off their mortgage, or work on something else?

This is a personal matter. Compute the number of households in the world, and ask what each head of household should be doing at the moment! No answer would cover the diversity. There are personal agendas - such as a desire to move lock, stock, and barrel to a safe location only at the last minute to a desire to bugout at the earliest possible moment with only a few personal possessions. Some individuals want to be solidly in their safe location with fruit and nut trees planted and herds and flocks installed well ahead of time. Others plan to merely escape and thrown themselves on the mercy of strangers along the way. Some have a profession or trade that allows them to migrate easily, while others could not find employment so feel they must wait. The choice is up to you, in any case. And we would not direct your activities.

What is up with all the suicides in South Wales? South Wales is currently on "suicide watch" . I just saw a news clip on CNN. It is very strange. Are there people committing suicide because they can't handle the coming pole shift?

Suicide among young people has become an increasing problem. Most cases are individual and are due to peer pressure or pressure from the family to be something other than what the young person wants for their life. Life has become harder everywhere, something we predicted at the start of ZetaTalk a decade ago. The Earth changes have created infrastructure problems, crop shortages, and all this has driven the price of food and other necessities up and caused corporations and businesses to go bankrupt. A nagging fear that things will only continue to get worse is nibbling at many families, and this tension expresses as irritability and unreasonable expectations among family members. If a young person sees no escape from this bickering and lack of hope, they may talk of suicide among their peers, and then copycat actions occur.

According to CNN, 3 Senators in Afghanistan made an emergency helicopter landing and had to return via land transport to base. These 3 Senators: Kerry, Biden, and Hagel, are known to be very level headed, intelligent, and moderate, but influential. Was this an accident, or was there more to the story. I also found it interesting one of their stops was Turkey which has now invaded Iraq again. What was their mission? Are/were they being sabotaged by the Bush Cabal?

They were not targeted. Those who would influence politics in Washington among senators or representatives have essentially given up trying to do so. Bush is in his waning months, and is being ignored. It is not a matter of a few senators changing their minds, as the overall resistance of Congress is increasing. Bush has turned his sights to his legacy, and is hoping the public and his political enemies will forget how vicious he has been. Air flight of every kind will become increasingly risky, as we have mentioned. Air turbulence and electromagnetic pulse will increase. And distracted mechanics will not tend to their duties.

Recognizing that many factors bear on water flow from their basins, in general is there a formula one can use to determine the approximate distance water will spill from a lake during the passage, based upon water volume and inclination of the water travel? For example, if a 5 mile wide valley extends 30 miles north of a lake containing 3 km³ of water, and raises a maximum of 100 feet on a steady incline, how far will the water travel assuming some buildings and trees will obstruct flow?

Much depends on how much the water is blocked. Tidal bore can astonish those who have not witnessed it, as they presume water could not climb. Water reacts to the path of least resistance before it, and the amount of pressure from the mass of water behind it. Analyze your terrain. Our general guide is to be 100 miles inland from a coast and 200 feet up above sea level. Our general guide for the Great Lakes is half that, 50 miles inland and 100 feet above lake level. Some regions deal with additional problems, such as a river backing up because a slosh from the lake or sea it empties into has caused tidal clash. Will the body of water you are concerned with drain well, or back up? In the case of Texas, which is flat land with little to stop a tidal wave, we have predicted the slosh will run inland for a great distance. Other areas have natural barriers so that tidal waves will climb and then recede instead of pushing inland. It depends! You must analyze your terrain.

Why is Bush traveling to all these countries in Africa "bearing gifts" I heard numbers on the news - 23 million, 19 million, and more and more. What is up with Bush giving all this money away when our economy is about to crash? Is he just trying to make it look like we are still on top or is he begging for something?

A few million is trivial when billons are spent on Iraq weekly. He is doing two things. He is trying to create a good feeling somewhere so that when he leaves office he is not universally hated, and by anticipating Obama to be the next President is trying to endear himself to him, knowing he has a biological father buried in Kenya. Second, he is trying to make friends on a continent he may have to run to in a pinch. It is known he viewed S American in this light, purchasing land in Paraguay, but S America is hardly friendly to the Bush family and he fears being tried and executed after the pole shift when there would be few controls in place to prevent this. Africa has been left out of the Bush presidency's agenda, and thus does Africa not have strong reasons to hate him. Thus, he comes bearing a few gifts and dancing about, hoping they will allow him to come to their lands in a pinch! It is friendly soil, for him, or so he hopes.

Any update on the patriots 'inside' who are thwarting the Bush/Cheney cabal's efforts to declare martial law and restrict civil liberties?

Bush has personally become discouraged from getting his agenda met, but still goes through the motions. Cheney is so close to death than he considers pushing his agenda almost a death march, and does not care about the outcome. It has become a game, a reason for living - to win. As can be seen by the determination of Congress, which does not completely recess so that recess appointments cannot be made and which is standing up to Bush on judicial appointments and the Patriot Act renewal, the guard is not being let down. Bush and Cheney can still do great damage, and are being treated like the cornered animals they are.

Will the Zetas ever be forthcoming as to what was in their treaties with the former MJ-12, now that the official MJ-12 "committed suicide" in the wake of the stolen 2000 election? Is there both an Service-to-Other 'new group' and an Service-to-Self 'new group'?

When the governing boards of MJ12 voted to disband, those members of MJ12 who would be considered Service-to-Self objected vehemently. As has been explained in the body of ZetaTalk, those Service-to-Other members of MJ12 who could leave, who did not have family they would be leaving behind, joined to form a new MJ12 and left with ourselves, the Zetas, to locations where they could not be reached. This group formed the core of a group of humans who work with ourselves and our brethren in the Service-to-Other to protect individuals and interfere with the cabal that wants to run the world as a kingship after the pole shift. Interfering with voter fraud in 2006 was one such example of their work. Those members of MJ12 who did not form the new group, who were leaning toward the Service-to-Self orientation, likewise joined together. Their view was that they did not vote to disband, and thus they could continue. However, any treaties that we, the Zetas, had with the old MJ12 were considered by ourselves to be defunct, so our travel service and other agreements were not available to this residual group of ex-MJ12 members. Those aliens in the Service-to-Self who had arrangements with the old MJ12 continued to work with this remnant for awhile, but their masters pulled them away to work on more fruitful targets eventually so this remnant soon had no aliens in contact with them. This is their situation today. In name only, they are considered MJ12. But they have no alien contact!

Will the public ever be told about the bunkers the elite have built for themselves, or will we have to deal with the criminals that stole tax dollars to build those bunkers the old-fashioned way?

Individual bunker locations, with whatever militia they have arranged for defense, will meet their ends in different ways. Most will find those they hired to protect them turning on their masters and attempting to take over the bunker and supplies. This will be the case even if the defense is officially the US military. Communications will be down, and it will become clear to all that no police force will arrive, nor will military justice be forthcoming. Where the bunkers are simply a place where the elite have stashed supplies and hunker down to wait out the pole shift, their demise will be due to their personalities. Some will go insane, others will become intolerable bunker-mates so that ejection from the bunker becomes an issue. Even for those remaining inside, eventually supplies run down and the remaining group must emerge and meet their fate. Those who are meeting starving citizens outside will not be greeted warmly.