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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written October 13, 2007 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Al Gore is getting a whole lot of media attention about his receiving of the Nobel prize and also much speculation about running for president. Did the Puppet Master have anything to do with Al Gore winning the Nobel prize and has he decided already behind-the-scenes to run and is the Puppet Master directing these things to make him gain popularity? [and from another] Al Gore shares win of Nobel Peace Prize [Oct 12] The Nobel Peace Prize committee on Friday turned its sights on the battle against climate change by giving the 2007 award to former US vice president Al Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Some experts say Gore's campaign, the Oscar and now the Nobel Peace Prize could persuade him to make a new last minute bid to secure the Democratic nomination for next year's US presidential election. But Gore said in July that "I don't have any plans or intentions to be a candidate again and really the main reason is I'm involved in a different kind of campaign." The Supreme Court handed 2000's agonizingly close presidential election to George W. Bush, who promptly abandoned US support for the international Kyoto pact on climate change while a devastated Gore rued his fate. However, Gore emerged from political hibernation with little bitterness over his electoral loss, joking to one audience: "I am Al Gore, and I used to be the next president of the United States of America." Shedding his image as a brainy but dull policy wonk, Gore oversaw the Live Earth concert in July.

When we stated that assumptions should not be made about Hillary Clinton as the candidate for the Democratic Party, we were basing our predictions on the possibility that Al Gore might enter the race, and win, on several factors known to us. We are telepathic, and thus know the thoughts of many, the many "secret" plans. Hillary has ghosts in her closet which have never been brought forth. All secrets are known by someone, and her secrets are not safe as she rises to be the front runner, as those in the know start to see dollar signs in front of their noses. What might this or that secret be worth? Outside of Hillary's situation, there is Gore's situation. It is no secret that among Gore's inner circle he has discussed his chances. He has stated that as long as Hillary seems to have the nomination sewed up, he is unlikely to jump in, but would feel differently if she were not the front runner. Put these two facts together and you have Gore as a likely candidate, and if that were the case, public sentiment would force the issue. A woman as president is a first, and unlikely to win against a man no matter what the other issues. This is a reality. Then there are those polls which say that just as many would not vote for her, for political or other reasons, as would vote for her. Thus, it is not just her fan club that counts, it is her negative numbers that also count. Did the Puppet Master have input into Gore getting the Peace Prize? Of course, but this was not his call, merely his backing involved.

When will we be able to see Planet X without doubt- with our very eyes.

Since the unmistakable visibility of Planet X during daytime is tied to the last weeks, we cannot give you a date or an estimate. At present it is lost in the glare of the Sun, only being visible when positioned to the side in the line of sight enough to have light rays bounce off its dust cloud and then continuing on to Earth. At some point in the 270° turn, the Earth and Planet X assume this posture, with Planet X to the right of the Sun from your perspective. The Second Sun will dramatically return, seen mostly at sunrise and sunset. After the 3 days of darkness, and the extreme tilt of the N Pole away from Planet X during the last weeks, then the Earth is drawn closer to Planet X for the week of rotation stoppage. In addition, during the days of darkness the N Pole of Planet X is pointed directly at Earth, hosing the tail at Earth. Thus, during the last weeks, between the hail stones from the tail and Planet X growing in size as it draws Earth toward it, there can be no mistaking the cause of the Earth changes and disasters. But until that time, it may continue to be elusive.

I read in a Zetatalk titled Agreements from 1995 that the Zetas are helping man discover advancements in science and industry. Are we allowed to know anything about these yet?

At the time this was written MJ12 was operant and the governing boards were dominated by Service-to-Other individuals. Since this time MJ12 dissolved to prevent Bush and Cheney from taking advantage of their power position, using MJ12 facilities, and a breakaway group of highly Service-to-Other former MJ12 agents was formed. Any technology developed in concert with the Service-to-Other governing boards has been either taken off planet or into the hands of the Service-to-Other agents within the new MJ12, or is being blocked from being successful while in the hands of anyone else who might have been exposed to these technologies. One of them was what we called the Perpetual Battery, to be given to Service-to-Other communities after the pole shift. The other was dome city construction methods, which has been prevented from successful completion in the hands of former MJ12 members leaning toward Service-to-Self. Theoretically, these domes could be built by these former Service-to-Self leaning MJ12 members, but they have had endless construction disasters when this was attempted. But you may yet see them constructed before the pole shift if control over their use meets our criteria.

The Zetas have stated that the end of the last Magnetic Trimester and Planet X's 270° roll progress were the two factors that would end the quiet time. That the wobble would surely return and get worse and it is most intense when Planet X is at a distance. Last week it was suggested that we start to save seeds and livestock now, that we "may not get crops from now on out." This seems to imply that we are on the verge of the return of the wobble and its associated weather extremes.

Since the last days of August, the Earth has indeed been experiencing more quakes of a greater magnitude, as Nancy detailed in a recent Newsletter with statistics. This is due to the wobble having returned, jerking the Earth back and forth so her plates move. Disasters, such as collapsing bridges have likewise been in the news, a result of this jerking about. The weather has become more erratic, with very atypical heat followed by atypical cold assaulting the US during the past couple weeks. These weather wobbles directly relate to the Earth wobble, which has returned. Crops are highly dependent upon the weather, upon adequate rain, and upon not being signaled too soon or too late to bloom or germinate for the season. Drought is devastating to crops, and thus to the domestic animals that require crops for feed. Crop shortages will become food shortages and those who did not learn to garden or save seed will have sudden regrets, yes. If you have not listened to our warnings before, don't delay any longer!

What's with all of the FOX Noise and AM radio conservative pundit A-holes: Sean Hannity, comedian and drug-addict Rush Limbaugh, record holder of Keith Olbermann's "Worst Person in the World" Award Bill O'Rilley, self-contradicting Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage (Michael Alan Weiner), etc. Are they all just insecure, Service-to-Self control freaks? Why are they so narrow-minded, cold-blooded and hateful? What drives these people and those that listen to their garbage, buy their books and espouse their philosophies?

We explained at the start of ZetaTalk that polarizing of the spiritual orientations would occur, increasingly, as the Earth's Transformation progressed. Where Service-to-Self individuals would be expected to express their orientation in their personal lives, or by acquiring goods while others suffered from lack of these goods, they expose their orientation by their attitudes also. It has been noted by us that conservatives tend to lean to the Service-to-Self, while liberals toward Service-to-Other. Liberals, by their voting track record, care for the helpless, while conservatives want wealth in few hands. This is of course not a blanket statement, an absolute truth, but in general applies. Recent studies have documented that conservatives tend to think in black and white, liberals can tolerate the gray area, and that conservatives were 'whining babies' when young. Is this a human genetic insecurity? It is an insecurity of the soul, almost invariably, as those leaning toward Service-to-Self want a rigid pecking order so they can feel confident when they abuse those under them, and not fear an attack from someone higher up in the hierarchy. These media spokespersons feel confident they won't be fired, and have been hired by those who agree with their statements. Were this not so, they would fall suddenly silent, like mice, which in fact is a good description of their courage and personality. They are basically cowards, who have been given reign in the public's eyes..

I have noticed the beginnings of what seems to me the first whiffs of real, genuine panic among the general populace. This is related to financial and weather issues as well as a general feeling of unease it seems. Housing collapse, Atlanta running out of water in 3 months, odd weather, etc. It does seem to me that the time is now to start to get ahead of serious, widespread panic with more open info on what to do and how to prepare. Can the zetas comment?

Picture this like a dam, water behind the dam building until the dam either breaks or tops over and floods the land beneath. While the dam is holding there is no evidence of a buildup in the water levels. The communities below the dam can only gauge this from the nervousness of the dam maintenance staff when they come to town for some reason. This is where you are now, with the cover-up. Then one day the spillways open up to relieve stress on the dam, and the communities below begin to ask questions, frantic with worry. Why weren't they told this was building up? Can they be assured the dam will hold? At this point, akin to some admissions that something is in the solar system causing the weather wobbles, Earth wobble and the increase in earthquakes, the public will be assured that NASA, et al., have gauged it will pass without danger to the Earth. Then the dam breaks, those who have fled to the hills earlier watching in sorrow as their neighbors get washed away. This is the point where riots will break out, the Earth changes happening so frequently that all emergency management teams are swamped and exhausted, and steps are taken to stop migration of the populace and to stop looting. We have advised that people be in their safe places before travel is restricted, and know how to garden, hunt, fish and grow earthworms and bugs for protein if necessary. If the spillways are opened and it is obvious you have been lied to, denied information, then you should not remain under the dam, vulnerable.

Can the zetas comment on their communication with you? I assume that this is a group effort with some type of built in realtime filter that prohibits them from getting in hot water with the Council of Worlds?

The Council of Worlds is aware of all communications, such is their reach. We do not attempt to breach their rules. Between ourselves, the Service-to-Other Zetas, and Nancy, who is highly Service-to-Other, and the Council, there are no secrets.

If a bush clone is put in place that does not carry out the orders of his behind-the-scene masters in the US, will he not just be done away with? What does the puppet master hope to gain by this move?

The Bush clone is indistinguishable from the one currently in the White House. Any haircut or tan or scratch can be replicated in the clone residing with the Puppet Master, and this is done steadily so a replacement could occur at any moment if need be. We are in communication with the Puppet Master, and Nancy acts as interpreter on occasion. We, the Service-to-Other Zetas, have teleporting abilities whereby someone can just suddenly appear in a room. We would not be telling you this if the Council of Worlds had not allowed an exception to the Rule of Non-Interference in the affairs of man. If it is deemed better for mankind to have a clone switch, instead of a breakdown in the current clone in the White House with a sudden need to assassinate Cheney, then the switch would be made. The chaos in a White House arrest or assassination is unpredictable, to some degree, and thus the switch would be cleaner. The Puppet Master personally wants the assets in his trust to be intact, to make it past the pole shift into the Aftertime. In some parts of the world, this may prove to be the case, the ownership line intact and paperwork honored. He does not want chaos, bank failure and loss of corporate assets because workers do not attend to their jobs or there is rioting and looting. A calm explanation of the coming passage given to the populace is better, in his mind, than a tight cover-up suddenly breaking so the public panics.

It seems like the New MJ12 members are sort of like special agents with a liscense-to-kill. What justifiable reasons do they have to use torture and murder?

We use the rule that what another intends to do to us, we are allowed to do to them. Perfect and sudden karma. We do not, however, torture, and if we kill an assassin it is done very humanely. It is always after the fact, when their intentions are obvious and unmistakable due to their actions. Most often, we strike at those who issue the orders, not at those trying to carry them out.

It does seem that as the Pacific begins to light up like a Christmas tree on the IRIS seismic website, the Zeta's version of events is being increasingly supported with a myriad of news stories. If the administration did, indeed, invade Iraq for the oil, with no intent on leaving, then General Sanchez's skewering of the war's prosecutors would lend credence to this version.

As we have stated, Bush and company assumed the pole shift would indeed occur "shortly after May 15, 2003", as we had stated in our White Lie. Look back to that summer, when the troops were fresh and a surprise jump into Iran or Saudi Arabia was deemed possible. They never imagined the decay which has beset them, where the troops are exhausted and the public sees their intent.

The Washington Post has come out with an article alleging "the government withdrew opportunities for contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars after Qwest refused to participate in an unidentified National Security Agency program that the company thought might be illegal." This allegedly occurred before 911, thereby fleshing out more of the Zeta's version and potentially administration motives.

This is a rare example of the muscle brought to bear across the board to force cooperation with the White House. People in the media, corporate heads, Congress and agency heads, heads of state abroad, and individuals in possession of information - all are leaned on in this manner. Threats are made, and if that does not suffice, action is taken, including selective assassinations.

In conjunction with that, in a Star-Telegram op-ed, retired Lieutenant Commander Robert Stormer vigorously questions the official version of the absconded nuclear cruise missiles in August. Stormer was a specialist in weapons retrieval and intimately knowledgeable on weapons handling procedures. Compare his article with the Zeta's description following the breaking of that story. [and from another] Under Pressure [Oct 7] Katie Couric had firsthand experience with what she considered the chilling effect on the media. Two months before the 2004 election, when she was still at NBC's "Today" show, Couric had asked Condoleezza Rice whether she agreed with Vice President Cheney's declaration that the country would be at greater risk for terrorist attacks if John Kerry won the White House. Rice sidestepped the question, saying that any president had to fight aggressively against terrorism. Couric interrupted and asked the question again. Would a Kerry victory put America at greater risk? Rice ducked again, saying that the issue should not be personalized. Soon afterward, Couric got an e-mail from Robert Wright, the NBC president. He was forwarding a note from an Atlanta woman who complained that Couric had been too confrontational with Rice. What was the message here? Couric felt that Wright must be telling her to back off. Couric felt there was a subtle, insidious pressure to toe the party line, and you bucked that at your peril.

You will note that the source of this article is the UK, not the US. Where the media in the US is beginning to speak up, and will increasingly do so, they are not yet free of being under the thumb of the White House.

Topoff 4 - US To Test Response To Large Scale Dirty Bomb Attack [Oct 3] The United States will test this month its preparedness for a large scale terrorist attack with a dirty bomb. TOPOFF 4 (Top Official 4), as the exercise is called, will be held between October 15-20. The test will be a massive simulated attack and involve setting off fake "dirty bombs" combined with conventional explosives and radioactive material in three locations: Oregon in the northwest, Arizona in the southwest and the US Pacific island territory of Guam. [and from another] US to Stage World's Largest Anti-Terrorism Exercise in Guam [Feb 19] The TOPOFF4 exercise would be bigger than last year's Valiant Shield war games, in which the US mobilized 30 ships, 280 aircraft and 22,000 military personnel. The exercise is expected to center around a maritime terrorist attack.

For those who worry that the TOPOFF exercises will give those in the US government desirous of martial law an excuse to declare martial law by using the TOPOFF exercises as a cover for a real terror attack should look over their shoulders at the past TOPOFF exercises. Did a real bioterrorism or chemical attack occur in 2000 or 2003 or 2005? None did. It is true that the NORAD exercises taking place on 9/11 created confusion that the real attackers used to their advantage. But there is a significant difference between then and now. After 9/11 the Council of World granted an exception to the Rule of Non-Interference in man's affairs, allowing ourselves and other aliens in the Service-to-Other to prevent the Bush White House from creating a false terror attack within the US. This has been tried hundreds of times, particularly out of Dick Cheney's office, and failed. We mentioned these attempts in the past, predicting that they would continue to fail as they are being blocked. Thus, we predict that TOPOFF 4 will be another uneventful exercise.

There have been a few studies lately suggesting a mega quake is likely in Israel soon. Do the zetas see any natural disasters happening there?

Israel of course is on the Mediterranean, and like all such countries is subject to sloshing when the pole shift occurs. We have long predicted that Iraq will become a holocaust when the Arabian plate moves in conjunction with the rolling African plate, the tip of the Arabian plate digging through the oil fields of Iraq like a plow, setting them afire. It is this catastrophe that will drive all US troops home. Any earthquakes Israel suffers will pale in comparison, as people on the move, and social discombobulation, will shake up the area. Israel has made enemies of the people on all sides of her, and it is this she should fear.

What will the hybrid domed cities be like? Do they take a long time to build?

They are assembled quickly from pieces which can be transported, but more importantly, they can be transported en mass by ourselves. One of our contactees has helped in the human ergonomics, and is aware of the construction techniques, in part. Nancy would direct you to the Shelter section of Troubled Times, the Biodome and related TOPICS.

What is the percentage of STS versus STO on Nibiru? Are already aware of life on other planets. Do they seek to interact peacefully with other worlds?

We have stated that Nibiru, aka Planet X or the 12th Planet, has had more Service-to-Self influence in its past than the Earth, and thus is not ready for a Transformation along with Earth. Earth itself has had more negative or Service-to-Self influence than most worlds, in part due to the enslavement by the Annunaki of Planet X in the past, and thus approximately 7% of Earth's reincarnating souls are highly Service-to-Self whereas most worlds have a percentage closer to 5% during their Transformation. Nibiru's residents are 12% highly Service-to-Self souls, with a very small percentage of their reincarnating souls in the undecided category. Thus, they have a higher percentage of mature Service-to-Other souls than the Earth, which is close to 30% in that category.

I watched a two hour Phil Schneider lecture the other day and was struck with how similiar his talk was to Dr. Greer's. The lecture was full of hard to believe material such as: black operations has technology 1000 years in advance of the public. (I do believe they are advanced - but NOT by 1000 years; ABSURD); black operations are mining the moon; black operations has mastered anti-gravity technology; black operations has mastered free energy; and much, much more. Yet, Schneider seemed sincere. Question: The majority of black ops workers are HIGHLY compartmentalized, and as such, should NOT be privy to goings on even in the next room. If this is indeed the case, then is it actually the situation that black ops workers are INTENTIONALLY fed a steady dose of manipulated "rumors" so that if one does go public - like Schneider - that they unwittingly become a shill for the higher agenda, even and ESPECIALLY if they really think they are fighting it??? Could this be why Schneider was allowed to give as many lectures as he did, and then be brutally murdered with the effect that his murder makes his material all the more "believable"? For this reason should Schneider's material be viewed skeptically?? This would make any whistle blowers material "suspect" as well. Element of doubt.

Phil Schneider, as we have mentioned, was sincere and was killed because he was divulging information considered classified. Indeed, the CIA and the propaganda given out by those in the government trying to dissuade the public from becoming contactees has skewed the situation to appear to be one of power in human hands. Those in the CIA and high government positions, as well as those high up in organized religion, do not want to be knocked from their perches so that the public looks upon them as inferior to aliens. Thou shall have no gods before me, sayeth the CIA and the establishment, in essence. Thus rumors were spread, not only to the public but among those working within MJ12. As MJ12 was composed of agents from the intelligence agencies, compartmentalized and on a need-to-know basis, these rumors could not be verified. This type of falsehood, rumors from the past, are being spread today by those who are completely sincere. They pass on what they have heard! But what they heard was a hoax on the public.

In previous ZetaTalk when it was said that the Bush clone living with the Puppetmaster might step in for the current Bush in the White House. I was wondering wouldn't it seem like he had a recent heart transplant considering his ways wouldn't be the ways of the one currently occupying the white house? Would it be as if overnight he had an enormous change of heart? Or would he be used to just 'sit in' as the 'face' of Bush until the elections are over?

Bush has claimed conversations with God, and as such could have a conversion, insights, which are often sudden. This might raise the issue of whether or not he were insane, but if the Democratic Congress did not choose to prosecute him for incompetence, then the issue is moot. If not these conversations, some happenstance that changes circumstances would occur.

We moved to a small town, away from the nearest city by at least an hour drive, a place that is hopefully "safe", but many of the people here seem so selfish and callous, don't believe in "serving the customer", and seem to be very uncaring towards others. Now we're afraid to continue to warn people, as it seems they don't want to consider the possibility of anything bad really happening. (Some are listening and preparing, of course.) Now I'm concerned that we would be targeted at the first sign of distress, as people will remember what I told them. I don't want to turn out to be Service-to-Self, and dread thinking we chose an Service-to-Self place to ride out the shift after all, so what can the zetas suggest for those that find themselves in this situation? Keep it to ourselves? Risk being targeted? Any way to figure out if the community will turn out to be primarily Service-to-Self when the SHTF?

This type of question has been asked endlessly. We have given guidelines, but the bottom line is that one should listen to their heart, to their intuition, on these matters. Not all Service-to-Other give evidence by being bleeding hearts, attentive to every demand made upon them. We often refer to Yoda as an example, highly Service-to-Other yet grumpy and complaining. Remember that actions speak louder than words, so look to the actions of your neighbors when the chips are down.

My question concerns the Aftertime. If a highly Service-to-Other female who has diabetes is able to be near one of the Cities of Light, would there be technology that could reverse her diabetes so that she could carry a child and lead a normal life span to see the child become an adult? In other words would being diabetic prevent her from being a part of the hybrid program?

We have detailed the Hybrid program, explaining how we follow a family as we need to braid genes through the generations. If this woman is not already a part of the program, she is not going to be inducted now. Additionally, being a part of the Hybrid program does not require giving birth, it requires giving ova and sperm!

Is the current feud between the head of CIA and Inspector General about a vast drug and weapon smuggling operation? If so, will that be revealed shortly? On a blogspot called Cannonfire, there has been speculation the latest 3 tons of cocaine found in Mexico's turf is related to a CIA drug running operation. The person speculates the plane has the 'history' of perhaps a CIA black ops program. Then speculates the feud between the CIA head and the Inspector General's investigation of the CIA is actually about the CIA smuggling weapons and cocaine MORE than the 'rendition' since the flights were far too many to be just prisoners. Also, according to press reports, the military, and not the CIA, delivers prisoners to Gitmo.

Rumors about the CIA running drugs have been around since Vietnam, and often enough proved to be correct. CIA planes crash landing, loaded with cocaine, have been in the news. The CIA got into drug running to fund MJ12 in the early days, and never dropped it even when it was no longer necessary for funding MJ12. MJ12 soon learned to take advantage of their connections with other agencies like the FBI and DOD, so there was no need for open funding of their operations. The CIA claims high classification, so knowledge of these drug runs are on a need-to-know basis, and they are free to do as they wish in the main. This is not to say that all within the CIA are evil and out for self profit. The vast majority of those working for the CIA are doing so with high purpose in their hearts.

Is the recent explosion in children and others "going postal" a sign that they are aware of the pending poleshift on a subconscious level? Is it part of the ongoing spiritual struggle that the zetas said is the ultimate struggle we are engaged in here on earth? Will more and more Service-to-Other souls become victimized by Service-to-Self souls that go postal, unfairly fire, lie to or otherwise prey on the Service-to-Other going forward into next year? What about the Service-to-Self members of the Bush/Cheney faction of the MJ12 rump group? Will they be allowed to spread their lies without being countered?

We have explained that polarization is occurring, and in addition that many of these highly publicized mass murders are considered an application to STS worlds. As with Chu in the Virginia Tech massacre, he was a contactee of the Service-to-Self aliens who told him he would enter their societies on a higher level if he demonstrated his ability to kill ruthlessly. Of course, this was a lie, and he will be doing the equivalent of cleaning toilets. Until the Transformation is complete, some 100 years out, there will be opportunities for those souls incarnated on Earth to explore their decision to become Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self. Thus, you can in all likelihood anticipate more such massacres, though these are not new throughout Earth's history.

Mysterious 'snow' disrupts Israeli TV The television network is said to be "near collapse" after a month of electronic snowstorms and interference, rumoured to be variously caused by the radar of UN patrols, Russian spy ships or even Israel's military. The interference began on Sept 6, the day Israeli warplanes slipped past Syria's Russian-made air defence systems, and attacked a military target deep inside the country. Who is behind this and what would be the purpose? Is this a means of controlling Israel's military ambitions?

The clue as to who or what is causing disruption lies in the dates. If this started on the day Israel attempted to bomb Syria, then human hands are suspect. Who stands to gain? Russia is supporting Syria and Iran in their battles with the US and Israel. There are more than bombs to be used in battle, and confusing communications is certainly more benign than Israel's plans for Syria!

I've been considering a move to the Ozarks but have some concern about all the nuclear power plants which lie north of the Ozarks. I seem to remember that somewhere on Zetatalk, that the Zetas said to pay attention to what lies to the north of you because, after the pole shift, what was north of you would then lie to your west, and when westerly winds become the norm again, that one might find nuclear radiation or volcanic ash blowing over you, if such power plants or volcanos had been to your north before the shift. Would you care to ask the Zetas about this matter, because I know from the Safe Location pdf file, that the Zetas generally looked favorably on the Ozarks.

There are many routes a nuclear power plant can take between now and the pole shift. The plant can be shut down at the first sign of earthquakes, and not resume operation. The plant operators can take matters into their own hands and do this, even if not permitted by the owners. The plant can suffer damage that does not include leaking nuclear material, becoming a hot spot only within the plant itself. Or the plant could get an assist from benign aliens, preventing any runaway nuclear meltdown. You should listen to your heart, yourself being a contactee, for guidance.