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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written September 22, 2007 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

The Indonesian president is traveling the country in order to "join the Indonesian people in the coming killer quake". The press corps calls the trip "out of protocol", "has never been before" etc. Geologists get "nervous". Does the president know about the Pole shift and does he try to warn his people? [and from another] Powerful Quakes Terrorize Indonesia, Experts Warn of 'Big One' [Sep 14] Seismologists warn the worst may be yet to come. Kerry Sieh of the California Institute of Technology has spent decades studying the fault line that runs along Indonesia's western coast. He is among several experts predicting a repeat of the powerful earthquake that triggered the 2004 Asian tsunami, which killed more than 230,000 people in a dozen Indian Ocean nations.

Indonesia is a unique country composed of many islands. It is spread out along the fault line between the great Eurasian plate and the Indo-Australian plate. Only Japan shares this situation, but Japan merely deals with subduction of the Pacific plate. They have the jolts, but they do not have the slip-slide and rising and falling land with which Indonesia has to deals. Indonesia is expected to be a disaster long before the rest of the world, as the time of the pole shift approaches. The Indo-Australian plate is sliding toward India. The land is dropping on this plate on the India side, while rising on the Australian side. Thus adjustments via large quakes means that land is simultaneously dropping or rising and ripping in different directions on the horizontal plane. Very choppy. Indonesia is dotted with very active volcanoes because of this fault line. Therefore the people have very few places that they can dash to as the pace of plate movement increases. They may rush to the mountains only to find the volcanoes erupting. The few safe places will become crowded, and emergency services strained as the populace will be reluctant to return to their homes and crops.

All this spells out a political disaster, as the populace will press to migrate to places such as Australia, which has already refused them, placing earlier refugees in oppressive camps, a situation much in the news of late. Australia has sought to make an early example of these migrants, so the word gets back to those still in Indonesia that they will not be welcome, and will be treated with a brutal hand. We have stated that the political power base in Indonesia has cut a deal with Australia, that being the Indonesian elite ensure the Australian shores are not inundated by desperate Indonesians, then they, the elite, will have a place assured in Australia. Thus, the elite in Indonesia are expected to first reassure the populace, giving them the impression that they care, which is far from the truth. Second, if the pace of migration attempts pick up, the power base in Indonesia is expected to impose martial law and prevent movement in the populace. In short, those in cities in Indonesia can be expected to be blockaded there, and those in villages can expect to find their access to the shore restricted. They are to stay in place, and die by whatever means, but they are not to board boats to Australia and attempt to save themselves.

Langley Jets Grounded Next Week for Safety Review [Sep 9] Officials say the stand down next Friday was prompted by an August incident where a B-52 bomber was mistakenly armed with six nuclear warheads and flown across several states. The advanced nuclear cruise missiles loaded on the B-52 were scheduled to be decommissioned and were flying from North Dakota to Louisiana. [and from another] Is USAF Stand Down To Find A Missing Nuke? [Sep 12] Conclusion: Six nuclear weapons disappeared from Minot AFB in North Dakota. Five nuclear weapons were discovered at Barksdale AFB in Louisiana. Which leads to my chilling conclusion: Someone, operating under a special chain of command within the United States Air Force, just stole a nuclear weapon.

As was noted by many commenting upon the planned stand down, such a procedure when announced places the nation in danger. No jets would be scrambled, or would be slow to scramble, for instance, so the nation could come under attack. Were they looking for the missing warhead? This had already been found at Barksdale Air Force Base, though the confusion over whether 5 or 6 warheads had gone missing was never clarified in the news. The whole matter has been treated in an understated manner, with the perpetrators hoping that the issue will go away and disappear from the radar of newscasters and the curious public. Those caught in this crime will receive military justice off the radar and out of the news, with demotion and reassignment of those involved hardly the outcome. The investigation within the military has gone higher up the chain of command, and includes the obvious assassination of a number of airmen just ahead of and following the attempted theft of these warheads.

Why the stand down then involving all bases on the continental US? Those conducting the internal investigation were aware of other missing warheads, and knew where they would find them. Without a continent-wide inspection, a shuffle could take place, the warheads being moved about just ahead of an inspection team. Did they find what they expected to find, and arrest those responsible? Absolutely, across the board. But you won't read this in the news!

Did he Puppet Master decide that the US was too close to collapse and needed the Fed to cut rates? This does not seem like punishing Bush to me, or does this add to the dollar collapse?

We have mentioned numerous times that the Puppet Master does not want massive bank failures or a total collapse of the economy. He has sought to decapitate Bush and has essentially done so, as most of the Executive Branch turns a deaf ear toward the mutterings coming out of the White House and Bush's orders are being blocked on all fronts to an extent the public hardly suspects. But only a fool would burn the house down just to get rid of a cockroach. The collapse of the housing bubble made its point, but as the collapse kept ricocheting through the economy of not just the US but other countries such as Britain, it was time to stop this particular slap in the face from stinging others as well. There will be other embarrassments to Bush, shortly.

What is going on with the Falklands?

In keeping with the Russians and Canadians and other countries announcing their claim of rights to territories in the Arctic under water, the Brits have announced their claim to underwater land near their Falkland Islands. There is more to this than the desire for oil and gas exploration. We have predicted not only that Antarctica will be free of ice and become a tropical land, but that new land at the edge of the Antarctic plate will pop up, between the tip of S America and the tip of Africa. The Falklands will be an ideal jumping off place for settlement. But by claiming oil and gas rights for underwater land near the Falklands, the Brits can invade the area with lots of equipment and not look suspiciously like they have been reading ZetaTalk!

I have a question regarding the second passage of Planet X. It is scheduled to happen some 7 years after the first passage. The Zetas said this would happen in 2011 due to the intitial date of 2003. This seemed odd considering Planet X has a retrograde orbit which halted Earth's orbit once they encountered each other. I imagined that once Planet X passed Earth it would sling out of the solar system. Since there is a second passage, it would imply that Planet X does a second loop around the sun, farther away. It would seem that since Earth begins its orbit again after the passage, that it would encounter Planet X for the second pass long before 7 years since Earth only takes a year or so to travel around the Sun and Planet X assumes a retrograde orbit. It made me think that their prediction of a 2011 second pass was actually spot on regardless of 2003 being the white lie. Could the Zetas give a brief explanation of why this second pass wouldn't happen well before 7 years after the first pass?

Please check your facts. We stated that Planet X, aka the 12th Planet, goes out beyond the solar system after the passage, then turns around and returns in a mirror passage to the dither point between its two foci, your Sun and the Sun's dark twin some 18.74 Sun-Pluto distances away. We stated this turnaround time takes 7 years, and is a sling orbit turn around, a stoppage with a return upon the same path. We did not give a date for the passage or the return. We stated that during the return the Earth would be on the opposite side of the Sun from Planet X, which would not linger during its return passage as it will during this first pass, due to planetary alignment. There will be no planets blocking its path on the return.

As a long time follower of the show Survivor, I am always surprised how most individuals can not act as a tribe. Granted, there is monetary incentive but they must work together to get there. You have each one doing their own thing and most do not contribute to the group (Service-to-Self). You have a couple of people that try to take charge as leaders for the good of the group to get organized, but inevitably, they get despised and voted off. My question is how to become an Service-to-Other group after the shift? It will be very difficult because many will not contribute for the good of the group and a true Service-to-Other person will not want to give orders even though they know what needs to be done. Is it wrong to take charge for the good of the group?

There is much confusion about what constitutes Service-to-Other actions. People who are Service-to-Other are presumed to be rug rats, only serving the demands of others and never defending themselves, for instance. They are presumed to be unable to make a violent move against another. They have been depicted as serving tea and cookies, being all sweetness and light, and never cursing or being curt or blunt. All of this is nonsense! We have used Yoda from Star Wars as an example, as he was depicting a highly Service-to-Other entity. Yoda would get grumpy, push back and complain. He also put himself on the line. He was old and tired but rose to the occasion, putting his arthritis aside. He knew what was needed for the common good, and fought for it, pressed for it endlessly. He was a leader, and did not shy from his leadership position. Yet he was wise enough to know when to go into exile, to avoid his almost certain death, so he could emerge to help other Jedis develop in the future.

We have frequently been asked how to identify Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other individuals from their behavior, and have pointed out some clues such as requiring action from them. The Service-to-Self individual will procrastinate and avoid unpleasant tasks that are screaming to be done, where the Service-to-Other individual will do what needs to be done without being asked. Survival groups can be composed almost entirely of Service-to-Self individuals making demands on each other, or almost entirely of Service-to-Other individuals all scrambling to do the necessary tasks, or may range anywhere in between. In the main, they will be the undecideds, who will lean primarily in the direction of Service-to-Other but need to be encouraged to keep leaning that way. We have suggested letting the undecideds take up tasks where the pain and suffering of others is obvious, as there will be less argument then. One should analyze the group on any given Survivor show from the standpoint of a variety of possible mixes. Primarily, one should realize that those who get on the show are probably self promoters, and thus hardly leaning toward Service-to-Other.

Is California going to experience a major earthquake in the very near future?

We have explained that we, the Service-to-Other Zetas, are not allowed to warn mankind of a specific earthquake or volcanic eruption or stretch zone disaster or outbreak of disease or hurricane making landfall. The Council of Worlds' rules do not allow this, and if we attempt this, we would instantly be removed from your solar system, not being allowed to return. We are, however, allowed to explain in general terms what the Earth is about to experience. We have described the N American rip, whereby the N American continent is being pulled on a diagonal. We have described the stretch zone affecting the eastern half of the US, pulling the SE down. We have described the bowing that is occurring along the West Coast, which caused the Utah mine collapse and is likely to cause more problems in the Arizona and southern California region before there is an adjustment moving the continent as a whole to the west, the diagonal pull we have described as the New Madrid Fault adjustment. We have stated that the West Coast will certainly have major adjustments, including volcanic eruptions, as after this New Madrid adjustment the West Coast fault lines will need to adjust significantly. Just when this will occur, we cannot say!

Why all this building in Dubai if TPTB know of a pole shift? Just wondering why they would waste their money with such an elaborate place.

Knowledge, certainly knowledge of the coming pole shift was in the past in the hands of fewer than 2,000 individuals, and most of those, perhaps 90%, were unaware of the4 extent of the devastation Planet X would wreak as these members of MJ12 were grunts, assigned to work on MJ12 tasks only. Of the 200 or so individuals of MJ12 who were privy to our and other alien predictions, most were highly placed politicians or members of the wealthy elite or top management in the CIA. They set about to arrange underground bunkers for themselves and were also promised an escape from Earth by the aliens in the Service-to-Self, who of course were lying. Alternatives 1, 2, and 3 were not without factual basis, as we have explained.

Now that Planet X has zoomed into the solar system, arriving in 2003 and causing increasing havoc with the weather and earthquakes and the like, it was necessary to bring on board a number of other individuals. The weather forecasters, told to avoid mention of how odd the weather has become and ignore any mention on the air of the dramatic Second Sun seen in 2003. Newscasters were told to not talk about subjects that allude to the presence of Planet X. Astronomers and those leading amateur astronomy clubs, NASA employees, and eventually geologists were told to tell a curious public that they were mistaken in their observations, even when noting the Sun and Moon dramatically out of place. Because there are observatories and amateur astronomers in most countries around the world, it was necessary to include heads of state late in 2003, which Bush and company did that Fall while supposedly meeting in France to mend fences re Iraq. But these heads of state were told only that it would pass, without harm, and the real worry was panic in the populace, and thus the need for a cover-up. Bribery and intimidation followed to ensure cooperation. Thus, Dubai thinks it will not be a big problem, as this is what they have been told!

In the aftertime, will there any return to any kind of flying or aviation per se - meaning will the Service-to-Other aliens fly anyone around for serious reasons in the aftertime. Will we ever in the 5 hundred years after develop with alien help craft that transport us through space or air?

Humans surviving the pole shift will go in one of several directions, having very different futures. Those who are undecided will be allowed to live out their lives and will be transferred onto a water planet for their next incarnation. Those highly Service-to-Self may be taken to their new homes, prison planets, while still in their current lifetime in human form, or may be allowed to live out their lives on Earth and then incarnate later in their new homes. These Service-to-Self humans will have zero technical assistance from aliens, as the Council of Worlds would not allow it. Those humans who are highly Service-to-Other may find themselves guided to our homes, which we share with the hybrids, and would be invited to live in these high tech communities.

This will be the case worldwide, as although we operate in the US at present, after the pole shift the hybrids will be the new hominoid form worldwide and will be in contact with Service-to-Other survivors. If the Service-to-Other individual feels they have responsibilities for others, and wants to remain with undecideds or even in groups where a certain percentage of Service-to-Self survivors live, they will not receive technical assistance that might fall into Service-to-Self hands. Given that humans in your current physical form will not be existing on Earth, essentially, after 100 years or so, the issue of what kind of air travel "humans" will have 500 years from now is irrelevant.

Why would they lie about this? Even if they survived in their bunkers there would be no people left if they are not warned. What would be the purpose? There would be no one to re-build civilization. What is a king without peasants to do his bidding?

Of the 200 or so individuals who have been aware of the pending pole shift for decades, few are Service-to-Other. Most are highly Service-to-Self. Look to the Bush family as an example. They think of themselves, how they may prosper, and care not a wit about another monarch, ruler or the political power structure in other countries. They have all concluded that to keep the populace completely in the dark up until the last minute gives them more scope for their operations, and less distraction and demands. An ignorant public may die in great numbers, but the plans laid include a lot of artificially assisted dying anyway, to prevent mob violence and to get rid of "useless eaters". The plans, for any aware of the reality of the coming pole shift, has been to select a strong and skilled worker base and kill off the rest by some means. The last thing this crowd wants is for an awakened populace to be demanding to be taken care of, demanding to know how the government plans to take care of them, and demanding to know why they should make their mortgage payment and attend to their jobs when the future will be so devastating. Consider the knowledge of the coming pole shift like a pyramid, with the 200 members of MJ12 at the top. The next layer of blocks down are those who have been told something, with the outcome downplayed and themselves sworn to silence for national security reasons. The bottom layer of blocks are the people who have by rumor heard about the coming pole shift, but have no proof.

Will all of the world have to fight BlackWater? They seem to be out of Control and vicious mercenaries. Will the USA citizens have to defend itself against a martial law against Blackwater? Will BlackWater ever have to answer for killing innocent civilians? [and from another] Iraq Expels American Security Firm [Sep 17] The Iraqi government announced it was ordering Blackwater USA, the security firm that protects US diplomats, to leave the country after what it said was the fatal shooting of eight Iraqi civilians following a car bomb attack against a State Department convoy. The order by the Interior Ministry, if carried out, would deal a severe blow to US government operations in Iraq by stripping diplomats, engineers, reconstruction officials and others of their security protection. The presence of so many visible, aggressive Western security contractors has angered many Iraqis, who consider them a mercenary force that runs roughshod over people in their own country. Sunday's shooting was the latest in a series of incidents in which Blackwater and other foreign contractors have been accused of shooting to death Iraqi citizens. None has faced charges or prosecution.

We mentioned recently that Blackwater and other mercenary outfits have been developed deliberately by Rumsfeld and Cheney in order to have militias that would carry out their orders without the entanglement of ethics or government oversight. The huge amounts of funding received for the Iraq War, vast amounts of this simply disappearing, have gone into developing these private armies. Yes, the plan is for these contractors to be the force that would impose martial law within the US and anywhere else that Cheney and Rumsfeld wanted to rule. The current problems, when Blackwater's vicious attitude was so blatantly obvious that the Iraqi president temporarily expelled them, was unexpected, and will bring investigations their masters hoped to avoid. Investigations into where all the funds have gone has hardly begun.

Will plans work out as expected, with Blackwater enforcing martial law within the US for Rumsfeld, Cheney and their cronies? We have long explained that what will occur after the pole shift is so vastly different that it is hard for the public to imagine. There will be no coordinated police department, no courts in session, and no communications between field units. In such isolated situations, each man in such an environment wants to be king, and infighting breaks out. They do each other in, and they start by eliminating the top men, such as Rumsfeld and Cheney! This is similar to the Leveling Wars we have described as occurring on Service-to-Self prison planets and among Service-to-Self groups. When the pecking order has been established, the small lot that is left goes out and tries to conquer the world, but they are diminished, and frankly, infighting never ceases. They do themselves in, more than anything else as a contributing factor.

After the pole shift, with all the polar ice melting, pouring very cold water into the oceans, along with the atmosphere rebuilding - how long will it take before the seasons become normal and predictable? Also, in the safe locations document, it mentions Minnesota and Wisconsin having fertile soil and the weather becoming milder. Does this mean a longer growing season without freezing winters?

One can assume their target climate by looking at the New Geography map Nancy has drawn up. But many factors affect the climate in the short run for the first few decades. Those areas near massive melting ice packs will of course be cooler than they will eventually become, such as Alaska which is mostly frozen but will become tropical. Those areas which were tropical, such as the bulge of Brazil, but have become a new pole will more quickly assume the target climate, freezing. Fauna and flora take some time to migrate to a new climate, moving slowly until they find new ground where they flourish. In the short run, the fauna and flora are appropriate for the old climate, and may flounder even where growing conditions are ideal. In the meantime, opportunistic fauna and flora may spring up, but not survive or flourish in the long term. Thus, it depends!

Last morning about 4 am , I noticed as I was driving in the early mourning the brightest star I have ever seen, in I believe the eastern sky. Is this planet Venus, or another? Could Planet X be tugging on this planet or star or whatever object it is, to be pulled closer to the earth? [and from another] What the hell is rising in the South East, I'm in Ohio - Huge ball of Light? [Sep 17] I happened to be up late tonight, I live in the Cleveland Ohio area, At around 5 am I went out to look at the stars. Coming up over the horizon is this huge ball of light, It is moving from the Horizon and going up. It is about 10 times the size of the brightest star in the sky and about ten times as bright as well. I am 39 years old, I have never seen anything so massive in the night sky. [and from another] I'm from the Columbus area and I see it too. It's like you described it. [and from another] I asked the same thing to the ones who know, because my mind said Venus but it was humunguosly BIG. They told me is Venus but why so BIG?. I'm in central. Florida. [and from another] That's funny because I've heard reports around here of the same exact thing at around 4.AM in England. So bright it hurts your eyes. I told them it was Venus because it usually is in those sightings, but they say it was like a security light or spotlight. [and from another] If Planet X pulled Venus, or appeared to pull, Venus from its position on August 16 when it should have entered the SOHO C3 field but didn't, it could well be between Venus and the Earth now and affecting the light of Venus to make it look bigger (10X bigger than stars according to one poster).

There has been much notice of a larger and brighter Venus, under discussion on message boards even by those unaware of the presence of Planet X nearby. We have mentioned in the recent past that an erratic Venus might be in the cards for the near future, and this is an example. But matters can get much more erratic. Venus is caught in the cup, along with Earth and the Earth's dark twin. The cup tightens as Planet X draws near, forcing these planets to move closer to each other. More is pending, as the cover-up over Planet X is doomed to fail!

Were the giant stone heads that were discovered in Central America a work of the Olmec civilization or made by the Anunakki?

All such monoliths are the work, directly or indirectly, of the Annunaki. As with the Giant Pyramids in Egypt, there were copy-cat designs made after the Annunaki left the area. Thus, we say indirectly they were the result of the Annunaki.