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ZetaTalk: Martial Law Attempts
written Jun 30, 2007

FEMA Hijacks Midwest Broadcast Signals with Mistaken Presidential Alert The federal government hijacked radio and TV transmissions in the Midwest yesterday [Jun 26] with test signals that triggered the sort of high-level emergency alert that is reserved for use by the president. The Quincy Herald says alerts were sent at 7:33 a.m., 7:49 a.m., 7:55 a.m. and 8:07 a.m. Radio listeners heard nothing but dead air. TV viewers saw a scrolling message that said: "The Emergency Action Notification Network has issued an emergency action notification for the United States, beginning at ..." FEMA tells the Associated Press that the mistake affected Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin and Michigan. "While the interrupted morning drive-time broadcasts proved the Illinois system worked, the fact that what's known as an Emergency Action Notification, or EAN -- the highest level of EAS alert, indicating an emergency message is coming from the White House -- could be relayed mistakenly to override stations was a bit of a jolt, sending engineers scrambling at the affected outlets throughout Illinois and in adjacent media markets such as St. Louis," the Chicago Tribune reports. "Compounding the error, an actual presidential code, minus any audio explanation, was sent rather than a lesser alert or a notification of a systems test of some kind." A FEMA spokeswoman tells the paper that this "unintentional disruption" occurred after a new piece of equipment in Springfield, Ill., picked up test signals that were being sent between Cleveland and Richmond, Va. WLS-TV expands on this explanation: "The federal emergency management agency is adapting satellites to handle emergency messages, and a government contractor Tuesday was testing it for Illinois, except he used active codes to send the message." [and from another] US Ran Nuclear Weapons Exercises the Week Before Bush-Putin Summit [July 6] International radio operators picked up large numbers of coded Air Force communications being sent around the world on June 26 that indicated some type of military activity was about to take place. The transmissions, which were 'extraordinary,' were related to US nuclear forces. A U.S. military official said the radio traffic was monitored from the Air Force Global High Frequency System (GHFS) that some observers regarded as 'extraordinary' because of the unprecedented length of messages. The messages appeared to be emergency action messages, coded communications sent by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to U.S. Air Force strategic nuclear forces. [and from another] Have you ever seen such a sad-sack president? [Jun 28] He almost looks and sounds like someone has literally knocked the wind out of him.

What successes has Bush had lately? He was drunk and had to be excused during the G8. The surge is not working and is in fact proving to be counter-productive. Arming the Sunnis to create more chaos and thus justify a long stay in Iraq was leaked and the plan put to an end thus, by a leak. His push to become King of Europe in the Aftertime failed as he angered Putin who stood up to him. Various people in the Military have shown their true colors and stood up to him, so now he is agreeing to diplomacy with Iran as it is clear no bombing or invasion will be allowed. Venezuela and Russia have kicked out US oil companies, taking over their interests for the state. And now, the immigration push has failed and will not be revived. Bush is having to drastically cut back his expectations, that he would be King of the World in the Aftertime, with the US Military sitting on all the oil fields of the world, giving him control over the prevailing commodity, black gold, oil. Despite trips to S America he knows he is not welcome there and setting up shop there would be a disaster. He would likely be tried for his crimes by any country he attempts to flee to. Thus, he has been forced to turn his eyes to the US, the continental US, where he has expected to be able to declare Martial Law and himself President for Life. Is there a relationship between the Jun 26 Presidential EAN and his long face on Jun 28, supposedly over immigration? Of course he was disappointed over the failure of the latest immigration push, but compare his visage to other public statements over immigration of late, which has repeatedly been in the news, and repeatedly failed in the past. This long face is new, and thus the suspicion that immigration is not the only reason for his deflated appearance. There is one other long face that is equivalent, and this after his NORAD visit in 2005, when as we stated at the time, he was arrested and taken to NORAD and read the riot act. He had anticipated that NORAD, with a new Admiral in charge, would be compliant to Bush edicts, but found that even the Navy no longer considered him the Commander-in-Chief.

Tests within FEMA have overlapping, redundant, safeguards. Do the tests of the NASA shuttle, to see if the engines are ready and responsive, result in a premature take-off? Thus more than one point had to know that the test was going live, and be compliant with this concept. We have mentioned that Bush and Cheney are likely to attempt a public announcement, on live TV, that Martial Law is being called, to evade the blocking that the federal government is doing to his direct orders to effect Martial Law. He has tried this numerous times, and hopes to force the federal government and the Military to cooperate with him by going public, quickly, and in a manner that could not be stopped. Once the announcement has been made, so his logic goes, the federal government and Military would be forced to admit that they do not consider Bush their Commander-in-Chief, and take drastic steps to arrest he and Cheney, something he is betting they will not actually do. Since TV and radio broadcasts have a finger on the button, and can have 'technical issues' suddenly cutting off the broadcast, this was not failsafe, for Bush. The Emergency broadcast system is the perfect outlet, as the override is automatic, and no finger on the button can change this in time to prevent such a broadcast from occurring. Rush hour traffic is perfect, as most commuters are listening to radios, and would spread the word once reaching the workplace. What went wrong with this plan? We have stated that there is interference with Bush's plans, that the Council of Worlds has allowed an exception, to bring the world back into balance. Bush and Cheney had commandeered the White House by coup, by voter fraud, in 2000 and 2004, and were technically in charge of the largest military in the world, one that was as large as all other militaries in the world combined. This plot was included in the exception, and as it was in the minds of those plotting, before it was effected, this gave us time to step in and prevent the broadcast. As with the Rayburn Building shootout, the public has had a glimpse into the struggle behind the scenes.