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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written May 19, 2007 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

I always thought that Blair would have to be dragged kicking and screaming from Downing Street but in the end, he seemed to leave quite quietly all things considered. what really happened behind the scenes?

We stated that he had no intention of stepping down, and was clinging, muttering talk about a date leaving only to placate the pressure from his party. What changed? The party, as with the GOP in the US which realizes it has an albatrose around its neck in the form of Bush that will drag the entire party down the toilet, took action. The Labor Party saw the handwriting on the wall. He was offered alternatives, and the hand of friendship was extended by the Queen and Bush. There are now rumors that Blair will be the new head of the World Bank, after Wolfowitz leaves, appointed by Bush. Carrot and stick, avoidance of prosecution for his peerage for cash associations, if he would go quietly. Similar treatment was done to Wolfowitz, who was presented with his options, being dismissed in disgrace or going quietly, having the full extent of his actions revealed or having the uproar dropped. This is why seeminly intractible political positions suddenly change. Often the stubborn exterior is merely the façade while desperate backroom negotiations are being made. Blair is interested in his future bunker location, his safety, which he does not see being in the UK any more than the Queen thinks her family will be there when the last weeks set in. Thus, the Prime Minister position is actually the least of his worries, being granted his true wishes. He expects to be in the US, with his buddy Bush.

Can the Zetas comment on what airline pilots typically observe with regards to PX related anomalies and what they either actually believe or are told to believe? I asked one pilot to explain the rather obvious Planet X related thick haze lying close to the surface of the Earth after one recent flight and was told that it was humidity, in spite of the fact that the haze was thick and uniform for several hundred miles, with the ground barely being visible from the air at 30,000 feet. This particular pilot seemed very nervous as he gave his explanation and seemed not to really believe it himself.

The movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind has an airport scene, the traffic controllers watching a UFO on screen, then asking the pilots if they want to report the incident. All decline, as they know what will follow. Nancy has gotten reports from pilots, in 2003 in particular, when Planet X was visible as a Second Sun. Up above the clouds over the Amazon in a large plane flying high, good view. They know what's up and if they wish to keep their jobs, not meet with an accident, not get a bad review, the usual way of getting the message across, they cooperate.

The Zetas stated on numerous occasions that we would not have war with Iran, and indeed this does seem to be the case. Some reports credit Admiral Fallon with having stopped the gulf build-up and the deployment of a third aircraft carrier group. Did the lack of war really come down to just this one man, or was it a host of senior military men, disgusted with Bush? Are we now out of the woods with regards to this particular possibility? [and from another] Tucker: Active-Duty Generals Will 'Revolt' Against Bush If He Maintains Escalation Into 2008 [May 13] Appearing on NBC's Chris Matthews Show this morning, Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Cynthia Tucker revealed that sources within the military are warning of "a revolt from active-duty generals if September rolls around and the president is sticking with the surge into 08. Noting that retired generals such as Gen. John Batiste have already begun voicing their discontent with the president's strategy in Iraq [and from another] CENTCOM Commander's Veto Sank Bush's Threatening Gulf Buildup [May 15] Admiral William Fallon, then President George W. Bush's nominee to head the Central Command (CENTCOM), expressed strong opposition in February to an administration plan to increase the number of carrier strike groups in the Persian Gulf from two to three and vowed privately there would be no war against Iran as long as he was chief of CENTCOM, according to sources with access to his thinking. Fallon's resistance to the proposed deployment of a third aircraft carrier was followed by a shift in the Bush administration's Iran policy in February and March away from increased military threats and toward diplomatic engagement with Iran. That shift, for which no credible explanation has been offered by administration officials, suggests that Fallon's resistance to a crucial deployment was a major factor in the intra-administration struggle over policy toward Iran.

There are more high level officers in rebellion against the Bush Administration than against. There has been more than one public announcement of rebellion, and the Bush Administration is now crawling to Iran for 'talks'. It is not often our words are proven out this cleanly, but this is one such case.

More Earth rumblings were reported on the East coast in the stretch zone this week. Per the Zetas recent comments this is due I assume to the North American plate being stressed in preparation for its eventual rip? The Zetas have stated that this would occur prior to Planet X rotating 195° and we are presently at 147°. Per their past comments as this roll progresses unevenly, timewise, due to numerous factors, I assume we cannot do a linear regression to plot when this might occur?

We cannot give any clue as to date, as we have explained numerous times. The rules we are forced to operate under prohibit this. Nancy will be presenting, on her website, some earthquake clouds that occurred days ago off the coast of Mexico/San Diego, and above Detroit where the St Lawrence Seaway hits land. The land is under extreme stress, and there are many indications of this. Hens that refuse to lay, for instance, in stress zones.

Can we have a comment on the UFO sightings in the UK, with new ones found in Northern Ireland?

UFO sightings are on the increase all over the world, recently in S America also, where the Amazon pours into the sea and the rock underneath is low, ripping open as the continent rolls westward during the stretch of the Atlantic. Santiago has had UFO's recently, as this long country will bow like the West Coast of the US during the adjustments, causing snapping rock. We have long stated that the western part of the United Kingdom will be pulled down during the Atlantic's stretch, Scottland and Ireland being under the waves entirely some 2 years after the shift, and inundated during the shift itself. The message, of course, is for these UK countries is to move if they wish to survive the shift.

Why is the North Star still North?

While simulating the seasons so that mankind going into the pole shift does not freeze or fry, or so the establishment does not panic and mow the populace down in the streets out of fear of losing control, there is always something that is amiss to clue those with eyes open as to what is going on. The constellations may be close to where expected but the Sun radically off during sunrise or sunset. The sunrise and set close but the sunarc at high noon off. Or all is well with the sun but the constellations are askew. Since Polaris is so closely watched, used to align scopes and the like as an anchor, our manipulations almost invariably include moving it up or down in the dome, but not to the side.

Could you please comment on the current rise in animal mutilations across the country, ie, cats, rabbits and cattle etc. Who or what is causing this?

We have spoken of the polarization of humanity going into the end times. Horrors like the Virginia Tech massacre, done by someone solidly in the Service-to-Self, as an audition for his next life on one of the prison planets. Such attacks are not just against humans, as animals are more vulnerable, less likely to be investigated, yet bring merit during such auditions. The animal is in pain. The sadist turns a deaf ear. The sadist gets an A grade from his counselors! By this, those doing an audition are hoping to be other than at the lowest level, when arriving in a new society. They are given promises, but since the Service-to-Self lie, these promises are not honored. But the human doing the audition is solidly giving their soul into the Service-to-Self spiritual orientation. They hand over their soul., but do not get the promotion!

Would the Zetas care to comment on the tidal waves which hit Indonesia in the last few days. A check with the earthquake stats shows quakes Mag 4.0 or greater were not in a higher frequency during this time period. [and from another] At least 4,000 W Aceh Residents Displaced by Tidal Waves [May 19] At least 4,000 residents of West Aceh district in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam province have been forced to flee their homes by tidal waves that have been hitting their coastal villages continuously over the past few days. Besides Aceh, tidal waves of up to seven meters high also struck the coastlines of other provinces in Indonesia such as North Sumatra, West Sumatra, Bengkulu, and Lampung on Sumatra island, West Java, Central Java, East Java, and Bali island. [and from another] Tidal Waves Hit Indonesian Coastal Areas [May 18] Geophysics and Meteorology (BMG) officials said the tidal waves that happened in Java`s northern and southern coastal areas were triggered by the accumulation of wind swell from other areas. [and from another] The Forida keys just had an unusual high tide 2 days ago. Locals say it only happens about once every 5 years or so, but this one was so high, water was over a road in one place. The water level was only several inches below the edges of the canals & waterfront residential lawns. Much higher, or much windier, and water would have definitely been sloshing over many areas.

Are there cyclones in the area? Any large storms that would account for wind swell? None are reported in the articles! We predicted years ago that high tides unrelated to tsunami from quakes would be occurring, unrelated to any usual cause. This has recently happened in Acapulco, and now the Sumatra region. What is the cause? When no quakes, adjusting the area, or severe storms in the immediate area can be pointed to, such high tides are caused by the Earth wobble and lurch, which Nancy and her friends have attempted to document for the past few months.

For the presented numerical data, the Planet X had a movement 135° until day 13 of January, last week, day 12 of May was in 147°. If the movement is exponential, theoretically it should be faster. Is this right? At the beginning of the April month the Magnetic North had an alteration shown in the magnetic for 6 of the 8 days. And now the magnetic influences would be dominant again? Or not?

There are myriad magnetic twists and turns that Planet X makes during its passage, and Earth gyrating along with it. We have outlined only a few of them, the major ones noticable on Earth. We have stated that man is only aware of perhaps 1/1000 of the subatomic particles we are aware of, that electrons, which man thinks of as one, actually number in the hundreds of types. There are points where Planet X struggles, as it noses into the backwash of particles at the Ecliptic. This is equivalent to swimming upstream. It is trying to align with the Sun's magnetic flow lines too, and then dealing with Earth, which stands in its way as it is heading out. Dithering seems to occur, points where stagnation occurs, in the view of man who is following this drama. Earth has many postures that it takes to deal with Planet X, currently a relatively quiescent time as it is snapped somewhat side by side with Planet X, but this will change as the N Pole of Planet X keeps swinging round to point directly at Earth. Much drama lies ahead, but to explain this in greater detail would not truly bring you enlightenment or the ability to predict what comes next. Thus, we decline.

Venus has been extraordinarily bright these past months. I thought that maybe it was possible that Venus has moved closer to Earth because of the tightening of the eddy cup that Earth is also trapped in. Could the Zetas say whether this is the reason?

There have been observations of a brighter Venus, a brigher Moon, lately, which can be ascribed to several factors. The tail of Planet X is like a fog bank, scattering sunlight which they can bounce back to Earth. This is the cause of the very bright Sun, as we have explained, of late. Certainly, this causes an overly bright Moon. Venus is another matter as it is caught in the cup of the eddy flow of particles coming round from the Sun, coming round the sides of Planet X. This cup will become tighter and tighter as Planet X approaches, and is a drama we do not wish to detail at the present time, for our usual reason of keeping the establishment off kilter so that the cover-up may shatter, hopefully.

From a reliable source that works across the street from the Israeli Embassy in LA, she says that all last week she witnessed as well as her co-workers highly unusual activity around that building. CIA helicopters landing and air craft they know is forbidden in the area. Can the Zeta's comment on what could be going on?

We have mentioned that there is a virtual war going on in the US, at the federal level, between the Bush Administration and their cronies, which includes the Israeli to some extent, and those who want to stop the criminal activity taking place in the White House. There is enough to impeach, enough to arrest, but the shock to the American public would be so great, so is the fear, that their hand is stayed. At a certain point, this drama may break out in the open, explained to the public on TV by Pelosi and others in the FBI, the Congress, and the judiciary. But at present it is treated by blocking, preventing Bush's orders from being carried out, preventing false terrorism occurring so as to give Bush the excuse to declare Martial Law. At times, as with the Rayburn Building shootout, these wars break out into the public eye. This was one such incident. Arrests were being made, without delay.

It's been reported that certain news stations and websites are tampering with their poll results or are trying purposely to do anything to censor Ron Paul. Can the Zetas please comment on this?

Ron Paul was a surprise, which the GOP is just now trying to contain. We have stated that the initial polls after the first debate were not to exclude him as much as that they did not expect to have to include him at all! Now that he is a player, he is getting serious blowback. He will pull from the Republicans as an independent, and looks like the winner in the Republic circle! Now what! Friends of Republicans are being enlisted to squash him promptly, but this we predict will not be a quick death, if a death at all!

Manhattan has a lot of electricity in the ground, and hotspots develop which Edison must address. They don't want cars parked on these spots. Apparently there has been a drastic increase in hotspots of late and Edison cannot keep up. So they are paying taxi cabs to protect these hotspots. [and from another] [May 13] I was getting a electric shock when I touched the body of our car over the last few days. Today I was feeling uncomfortable, it was wet and windy. Suddenly there was a flash of lightening and a huge bang of thunder. All the charge has gone now and the weather has cleared. [and from another] This has been happening to me in Seattle for maybe 5 or 6 weeks. Constantly getting static electric shocks. Even been getting two jolts one right after the other, and I've never had that happen before. [and from another] Every time I get out of the car, no matter what I wear and also in all weather - warm or cool, in humid, damp, and rainy conditions as well as dry. Been pretty intense off and on for 2 years now. Had stopped for a while but began again about 10 days ago.

Static electricity is on the increase due to the current Earth wobble, which causes the Earth to move under it's blanket of atmosphere, increasing friction in air masses and between the air and Earth. Extremes in drought and deluge, also a part of the weather pattern because of the Earth wobble and increased heat from the core of the Earth, which roils under the presence of Planet X, also affect static electricity due to moist air suddenly affording electricity in the dry air a route. Electricity on the rove can migrate, also, showing up in unexpected places or running through the ground, seeking its optimal path. Indirectly, this increased in static electricity is a byproduct of the presence of Planet X, creating friction in the ground as the core swirls and rock layers compress or rub against each other in the stretch zones, and creating friction in air masses during air turbulence.

Is this article a new revelation about the JFK killing? [and from another] Researchers Challenge Kennedy Lone Gunman Theory [May 17] Bullet analysis used to justify the lone assassin theory behind President John F. Kennedy's assassination is based on flawed evidence, according to a team of researchers including a former top FBI scientist. Writing in the Annals of Applied Statistics, the researchers urged a reexamination of bullet fragments from the 1963 shooting in Dallas to confirm the number of bullets that struck Kennedy. Official investigations during the 1960s concluded that Kennedy was hit by two bullets fired by Lee Harvey Oswald. But the researchers, including former FBI lab metallurgist William Tobin, said new chemical and statistical analyses of bullets from the same batch used by Oswald suggest that more than two bullets could have struck the president. The President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy, known unofficially as the Warren Commission, concluded in 1964 that Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone, fired three shots, one of which missed the president's car. There have been many challenges to its conclusions over the years. The House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations concluded that Oswald was probably part of a conspiracy that could have included a second gunman who fired but missed Kennedy. The panel's supporting evidence was a bullet analysis that said fragments collected from the site were too similar to be from more than two slugs. But the latest report found that many bullets from the same batch used by Oswald had a similar composition.

The files on the JFK assassination are closed for at least another decades, moved forward over time to protect the guilty. As long as the issue is still relevant, and those involved in the assassination of a President alive, the cover-up must prevail. JFK as we have stated was killed because he wanted to drop the cover on the alien presence, had told his girl friend Marilyn Monroe this, and thus they were both silenced. That there were those in the CIA or Military who resented JFK was just more fuel to the fire, but it was the alien presence that was the sticking point. This cover-up is still alive and well in the US, the line still held by the CIA and the current residents in the White House, and many many of the co-conspirators still alive and in influential position in the government and politics in general! So why an article citing FBI evidence and conclusions by respected scientists refuting the cover-up claims? Cover-ups always lie heavy on the hearts of those who must carry them, thus death bed confessions and the need to guard against such confessions. With time running short due to the pending pole shift, and many countries opening their UFO files and admitting the alien presence, how to inform the American people of the truth? Open the issue for study, and present the newest and latest conclusions! This is a type of disclosure on the alien presence, something the US is unlikely to do before the cataclysms, regardless of how the rest of the world is leaning. Those at the top have too much to lose!

Where are the rules and authority coming from, within the Council?

We have stated that the Council is a true elected body, as each soul under its jurisdiction has a true, not representative, vote. These are wise and massive souls, known to those they govern by the wisdom of their decrees. They have capacities those governed do not have, being of lower densities, so can, for instance, block those in the Service-to-Self from being sneaky and trying to break the rules. This simply does not happen, and any such attempt is dealt with instantly by a type of blockage that space ships or teleporting cannot circumvent. Is there campaigning, such as occurs in human society? No, as all are in the Service-to-Other and working tirelessly in this capacity. The choice, when it comes to voting time, goes to those wise and massive souls from the higher densities that have been around, tending to business, and if one loses out during such elections, they do not take it personally. Worlds governed by the Council, and Council alternatives, become famailiar with the choices. Earth has just started in this capacity, those human souls who are truely STO allowed to vote as to issues that affect them, but not yet allowed to vote on the Council membership, as there would be no way for them to be acquainted with the choices. This will come in due time, however.

Will the Zetas comment on the 3 missing GI in Iraq?

Hostages are useful, but will not yet be presented as they are still in the search area. They are underground, will not be located by the search teams no matter how long the search proceeds, as to avoid detection their captors will simply allow them to starve and die of thirst, which may be the case already. Then they will never be found. The lesson to be learned here is to leave Iraq, and withdraw with tight control of the perimeter during withdrawal. The occupation is not wanted.

Is it right to say that many human beings will be protected at the time of the occurrences of the polar inversion? Or death will be a natural selection? How we know if a person will be saved or not, do you think is there a possibility to see this, to differentiate one from the other? How do we know the people who we could trust? How can we help the human beings after the occurrences, so that they would suffer less, because everybody would be crazy, right?

The Earth is your school house, for you to react to opportunities presenting, and thus sort out your spiritual orientation, Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self. We have stated that Service-to-Other individuals, those truely practicing the Golden Rule and thinking of others 50% of the time, are offered a lift whereby they will not die during the pole shift but will be set somewhere, surviving. This is not truely rescue, as the horror is all about them! Most Service-to-Other individuals given this option decline, thinking of those they are responsible for, and chosing to be with them in their hour of need. Obviously, those more physically fit are more likely to survive, but after the pole shift itself, survival depends on Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self aliance. Those who are Service-to-Other cooperate with each other, and fare better. Those who are Service-to-Self loot and when this is no longer possible, they turn on each other. They thus die out. Those undecided, which are in the majority, prefer neither the Service-to-Other camps, which are too serious minded for them, nor the Service-to-Self camps, and fare much as life today. Separation will increasingly occur. There is no simple answer as to whom to trust, as you must develop an antenna to determine this. There are clear signs you are dealing with Service-to-Self - although they lie, all their action serve themselves, in the end.

Un Espectáculo en el Cielo Sorprendió a los Argentinos [May 18] En varias provincias se pudo observar esta mañana la entrada de un meteoro o una estrella fugaz a la atmósfera. "Fue como un relámpago que duró un segundo", dijo una testigo. La explicación de los especialistas. [and from another] I´m a zetatalk´s reader from Argentina in Spanish language, for this reason my English isn´t good, but I to try write what happened in the sky of our country yesterday in the morning. Before we can see the Sun in the horizon, at 7 am, the people of my city (Rosario) and the others cities (Buenos Aires, Cordoba, La Pampa) see in the sky one flash light for 4 o 6 seconds in color blue and orange or red. This strange light, shine very much, and hundred of people saw it, and call to channels TV and radios, but the official explication isn´t very clear. They said : maybe a "meteorito" or a piece of comet, or space trash. Nobody remember saw something to this in the past.

Tail debris, in the tail of Planet X, will increasingly bombard the Earth as Planet X closes in on the Earth in the magnetic dance that will only get more extreme until the end. There were fireballs aplenty in 2003 when the tail of Planet X last wafted past Earth. This time the tail will not go away, and the debris will be larger as the larger trash in the tail clings closer to Planet X and its Moons. Mankind is used to meteors, a bright streak of light, often coming at predictable times when the Earth passes through known meteor showers. On rare occasions a fireball will streak through the atmosphere, larger and brighter, perhaps leaving a chunk of rock where it lands. As planet X approached in the years preceeding 2003, green meteors were seen, forcing the establishment to claim that space debris, with copper, was dropping to Earth, but this was an excuse. The establishment no longer tries to explain the fireballs that are seen on occasions, streaking across several states in the US or Australia. Shocking when first seen, these incidences will become so common place as to be ignored, in the scheme of things, as the Earth changes heat up and other element of the Planet X complex come into view. These will be the larger worry.