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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Mar 31, 2007 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

Hi Nancy, did you catch this one in the news? Meteor and plane in near miss. [and from another] Space Fireball just misses Jetliner [Mar 28] Pilots of a Chilean commercial aircraft approaching the Auckland airport in New Zealand said they spotted flaming space debris falling past their jet. New Zealand aviation authorities had been warned by Russian officials two weeks ago that orbiting debris would be entering the atmosphere. However, the Russian space agency said the Progress was jettisoned on schedule, well after the reported fireball, and the coordinates for that re-entry did not match up with reports from the LAN Chile crew.

Although almost unheard of in air flight lore, the collision of a meteor and an airliner can occur, especially when the incidence of debris from the tail of Planet X is on the increase. Where this incident hit the news, future such incidents will be omitted, lest the public realize something besides the weather and the location of the Sun has gone awry.

Not to ask for a specific date, but looking for Zetas comments in general. Given that this was yet another bad week for Bush and company (Gonzales, Iraq War, Saudi King split, Dollar abandonment ) and the trend is gaining steam, at what point will the decapitation process be far enough along so that more direct discussion of Planet X and more astronomical evidence (lean to left, moon, etc.) be allowed to manifest to further awareness? Is he not weakened enough yet that his ability to call Martial law is almost gone at this point? As Bush has less than two years left in office it would seem that the timing for this is becoming critical.

While it is true that the Puppet Master's decapitation of Bush is timed to the rise in Earth changes, to some degree Bush is decapitating himself, so that this may proceed more rapidly than the Puppet Master intended. If Bush is entirely on the ropes and being impeached or imprisoned, this is not an indication that the pole shift or announcements in the media are right around the corner. These are separate matters. What the Puppet Master is concerned about is a collapse of the banking empires, corporations going belly up due to lack of confidence and worker loyalty, so that his assets are worthless. He will not allow this until he sees the last weeks upon him. At the same time, he wants the common man to form strong survival communities, and has many plans on how to bring this into open discussions. This will pace with the earth changes.

Per the Zetas earlier comment on the Clash of Puppet Masters and their differing agendas are we witnessing this play out in the Wars between FOX news (pro Bush to the extreme) and MSNBC/CNN that is truly more "Fair and Balanced"? Is Murdoch in the Bush camp?

Murdock is staunchly Service-to-Self and thus does not think of the common man at all, in a similar manner to the Bush camp. This does not mean they are in the same camp, as those in the Service-to-Self operate for themselves, and only cooperate when it serves their agenda. Service-to-Self prefer control, black and white, no independent thinking, the public being dictated to as to what they should think rather than fed the facts, and all of this sounds like Fox news. Murdock has run amuck of the Puppet Master's desire to have the common man informed, and in this fight there is hardly any doubt as to who will win. When the Puppet Master gets serious about an education program for the common man, Murdock will change his tune, and may make changes at Fox and other such outlets he runs.

Above the so called King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid there is what was named the "Relieving Chambers". Can zetas explain if they are really relieving pressure on the ceiling or its purpose is another? (for me the relieving theory is no sense: Queen's chamber don't has even one; also, you can relieve with simply one layer instead five) Second: I am curious about the purpose of the Subterranean Chamber with its strange pit and fins. Here is a page with draws of these two:

The burial procedures of the ancient Egyptians are well documented. At the present time, this is hardly relevant. The earth is about to experience another pole shift, this one wrenching in the extreme, with a loss of 90% of humanity and a 90° turn in the crust so the old poles will be place under the Equatorial Sun. Man will be introduced to the alien presence at a rate not previously experienced, so where thrown back as though it was 100 years ago, they will likewise be encountering high tech aliens. In the midst of all this pending, which we suspect you are hardly prepared for, you are asking for yet another opinion on passageways in the burials pyramids of the ancient Egyptians? Your priorities are not straight.

Pope says hell and damnation are real and eternal [Mar 28] Hell is a place where sinners really do burn in an everlasting fire, and not just a religious symbol designed to galvanise the faithful, Pope Benedict XVI has said. In 1999, pope John Paul II said heaven was neither an abstraction nor a physical place in the clouds, but that fullness of communion with God, which is the goal of human life. Hell, by contrast, was the ultimate consequence of sin itself. Rather than a place, hell indicates the state of those who freely and definitively separate themselves from God, the source of all life and joy. [and from another] Pope Chides Europe Over Low Birth Rates, Dangerous Individualism [Mar 24] In countries like Italy, where many married couples have one or no children, the population is expected to shrink dramatically in a generation or two unless the birth rate increases rapidly. Benedict said Europe's population trends, besides putting economic growth at risk, can also cause enormous difficulties for social cohesion, and, above all, favor dangerous individualism, careless about the consequences for the future.

We have stated that as the End Times approach, polarization of the spiritual orientations will increase, increasing dictomomy. Thus it should not be a surprise that the Imans who rule Islam are becoming more strident, or that the Catholic church is becoming more repressive. Where the message of Jesus was pure and spoke of love, to love one another as you would have yourself loved, the Golden Rule, this message was soon overtaken by power mongers wanting to rule by fear. Islam has likewise had this takeover by those less concerned about the common man than themselves, ruling by fear and insistance that rules and regulation be followed rather than a focus on empathy. We mentioned at the start of ZetaTalk that the Transformation of Earth, which is ongoing now, would make organized religion nervous, as the common man turns away from rule by fear and concern for one another increases. Dramatic evidence of the rage the Catholic church is feeling at this loss of control over the populace emerged in print this past week. How is it that one Pope, Pope John, could explain Heaven and Hell as being closer or farther away from God, not a physical place, and then another Pope come forward in contradiction! Is the Pope not infallible? Which Pope, then, was fallible? Loss of membership is another worry of the Catholic Church, especially since the Pedophilia scandals, so rather than clean up their act in this regard, the answer is to bludgeon the faithful to bear more children! Will these tactics work? Hardly. They are likely to accelerate the exodus, as the Catholic Church is exposing its true nature.

What do the zetas have to say about the theory that Bush and company are in actuality shapeshifting reptilian ETs that evolved on this planet and for some reason left in quite a hurry. I'm a little foggy on the whole reason of what is driving them in this direction of enslavement of the human race, besides the fact I heard they feed off our negative energies like fear and hate. Its kind of like a drug to them that they are addicted to. At the same time, I've also heard that through their conquest of other planets they enslaved a Zeta homeworld in the constellation of Orion and made the Zetas in that area there slaves. I know not all Zetas are from the same planet, but could you try and fill out some of the blanks as fas as there being truth to these ETs presence?

Where aliens can mask their physical appearance, the screen memory many contactees report, there are no humans walking about in human society who are aliens. This is, for one thing, against the rules that aliens visiting Earth must operate under.

How are the well-documented temperature anomalies world-wide (above average, mainly in Europe, Russia and Canada) last decades and years can be connected with the alleged coming of Planet X? Are we expecting to have more and more crop failures in the following years?

Indeed, the crop failure prediction made by ZetaTalk at its start is one of the accuracy points made. At the time we made this prediction, we only indicated drought and deluge being responsible for crop failure, as many of the Earth changes occurring today were to be kept secret from the establishment who were to be surprised, and thus stumble in their coverup attempts. The reason for the weather changes we predicted in 1995 were likewise kept secret, but now that the wobble has been with use since the start of 2004 and is getting worse, this can clearly be seen as the reason. The atmosphere is dragged over the wobbling Earth, causing clashes and temperature variations. The migrating germs and fauna and flora caused by the general warming of the planet due to the core swirling, the ground heating from the ground up, is causing illness in wildlife and domesticated animals as well as humans. This is the prime reason the bee populations are stricken. All of this affects crops. This will all get steadily worse, and not be relieved until some decades after the pole shift. Please read all the documentation and advice on the ZetaTalk website as to how to proceed, as you can help youself and survival is indeed an outcome you can arrange!

Have the Zetas ever commented on what will happen to known rivers? Can we expect them to all shift positions or will some remain where they are?

Rivers, as anyone looking at a map can see, meander. This process is due to many factors, including silting of the existing beds which then force the water flow into other routes, and flood flow which by the force of water can cut through soft soil forming a new route. During the pole shift, as we have stated, there will be torrential rains almost worldwide. The hurrican force winds pick up water over oceans and drop them on land. All rivers will be overflowing their banks, and cutting new pathways. If living in a flood plain, this will not be a worry as you will be swept along with the flood and unlikely to survive! If living in the hills and waiting the end of the hour of the shift and the drainage that the weeks following bring, this will likewise not be a concern as the flood plains will be swept clean of structures and all a new land. In addition, many flood plains will be inundated by the melting poles and rising seas, so will only be a temporary land to explore.

Many UFOs in Iran lately, here's a sample: Can it be connected somehow with the Bush Plans over there?

Nancy has gotten email noting that earthquake clouds have been sighted in Iran, near the border with Turkey, and this indicates the pending quakes this region will sustain. We have mentioned recently that Istanbul had a UFO blitz because when the African plate rolls, it will create a vacumn in the Mediterranean dropping the sea level of the Black Sea and causing problems even up to Moscow, which also has had UFO's recently warning the residents of likely flooding in their rivers due to back wash. Iran has many fault lines, and will participate in the adjustments to a rotation in the Arabian plate such that Iraq is crunched. It is, therefore, no surprise that UFO's have been warning the populace of Iran. This has no connection to the Bush/Blair maneuvers, which are attempting to antagonize Iran into misbehavior as an excuse to invade or bomb Iran.

Cassini images bizarre hexagon on Saturn [Mar 27] An odd, six-sided, honeycomb-shaped feature circling the entire north pole of Saturn has captured the interest of scientists with the Cassini mission. This atmospheric feature was already imaged by NASA's Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft over two decades ago. The fact that it has appeared in Cassini images indicates that it is a long-lived feature. A second hexagon, significantly darker than the brighter historical feature, is also visible in the Cassini pictures.

Why does the N Pole of Saturn form into a perfect hexagon, and does this have something to do with the magnetic trimesters detailed in crop circles? Since the hexagon is constant, and the trimesters are periodic, it is not directly related but the mechanisms are similar. Humans think of magnetism as polar, N/S poles, a single directional flow moving round along magnetic field lines from the N Pole to the S Pole of a magnet or planet. Humans think of electrons as a single sub-atomic particle, and understand in general that magnetism is caused by the flow of another subatomic particle, the magneton. We, the Zetas, have described the spectrum of electro-magnetic particles as being in the hundreds, 387 at our count. We have described magnetism as being the constant flow of magnetic particles moving along the path of least resistance, and described the behavior of sub-atomic particles as both attracted to its own kind while at the same time trying to avoid crowding. Why God so made the world this way is a mystery to we, the Zetas, too, but this is their behavior. Saturn is a gaseous planet, and thus can shape shift readily. It has a glorious ring around its middle showing that particles flow out of its poles and return at its middle, similar to the action of the Sun's particle flows forcing the planets to line up like the rim of a hat around its middle, the Ecliptic. Saturn is not, however, intrinsically magnetic, not having a solid core or magnetic field, but acts rather like a funnel, directing magnetic particles through it. Thus, is has a reverse magnetic alignment to the Sun, as the other gaseous planets in the solar system do. Even a child has observed that a strong water flow is not even, as water spurting from a faucet will divide into numerous streams, adjusting the surface tension to the desire to disburse pressure as quickly as possible. Even a child has observed that soda blurting from a soda bottle held upside down will stutter while the vacumn forming inside the emptying bottle suddenly sucks air past the soda flow. And what human has not pondered the water flowing over a dam, wondering why the water heaps in some places and smooths out in others, when no apparent objects are in place to cause this variance. The hexagon of Saturn is formed because magnetic particles are gathered from the vicinity for the rapid funnel through the planet, warping the magnetic field of the Sun at this point. The hexagon merely reflects the points where the crowding of this flow breaks. When it reaches the point where the crowding it tolerable, it stops breaking. Why then a hexagon, rather than a quadrant or octagon? The magnetic field from the Sun is stronger on the Sun side of Saturn, and thus when there is a break, this Sun-side needs a second break for equality, thus three streams, which when breaking to form a hexagon.

I would like hear Zetas talk about Pleiadians and other advanced human races. It seems like Zetas are alone without contact with other visitors of Earth.

We stated at the start of ZetaTalk that there would be many false claims of contact with aliens, or claims made about these aliens. The truth of the matter is that very few aliens are hominoid, but this is what the false claims purport, that they are hominoid based. Most planets bearing life are water planets, but you don't hear this from them, as they are making it all up! There are many reasons for the false claims. One is that proving the theorem is hard, so they can wax on with their immaginative claims without challenge. Another is that many humans desire the stage, especially seeing the success and acclaim that ZetaTalk has. A third reason is that many humans in the establishment wish to discredit any alien source which state that the human is in charge of alien/human interaction, as they wish the populace to be afraid, so wish to undercut the ZetaTalk message. For many reasons, there are false claims in abundance at the present time. We have stated the rule aliens are obliged to operate under, stated the reasons for divisions into working groups, stated the goals and agendas of the aliens visiting Earth. We also have an astonishing prediction accuracy record, which was mentioned earlier - crop shortages, weather irregularities, and the wobble. None of these other crowing sources have such a prediction record, in fact, have none. This is why they come onto this live chat and make claims which can never be proved or disproved, and make no predictions that can be put to the test!

Why is planet X not clearly visible for everybody? I understood that it was hidden behind the Sun for a long time, but it swept back into space when approaching the Sun too close. At that time it should have been clearly visible.

When Planet X entered the inner solar system in 2003, it was on the opposite side of the Sun from the Earth. Thus, dramatic Second Sun sightings occurred in 2003, as sunlight reflected off the dust cloud and thense back to Earth. When Earth came round in her orbit to encounter Planet X, which was approximately in her orbit at that time, she halted. Then ensued a period when Planet X was not particularly visible from Earth as it was between the Earth and the Sun, the Earth caught in the eddy flow or particles coming round Planet X from the Sun. Meanwhile, Planet X crept past the Sun, moving past the Sun's S Pole and on up toward the Ecliptic. Now on its way outbound, Planet X is past the Sun's S Pole and is into its first 270° roll along the tight magnetic field lines of the Sun's magnetic field. The Earth is being rolled in concert with Planet X, as recent documentation on where the Sun and constellations can be found attest. Since Planet X has a retrograde orbit, it is chasing the Earth back in her orbit, from the December position where she halted now into the late September position. She will be pushed back all the way to the August position before the pole shift occurs. In this chase, Planet X often appears to the right of the Sun, when viewed from the Northern Hemisphere. This is why the dramatic photo posted on C2C, Fire in the Sky, Nancy's sign of the times #1667, shows this clear image of Planet X surrounded by its dust cloud to the right of the rising Sun.

How big is the wobble of the Earth's rotation now and where is a source to check up on this progression?

Nancy and friend recorded an intermittent wobble, put on the web with our comments recently. Where not yet on the web, Nancy and friends have noted that this intermittent lean has now become more common than not, and is causing a sunrise too far to the North and a sunset too far to the South. This should be apparent to all, if only they would look!

That C2C photo had to be enlarged to see something. I mean when it is 4 times the size of the earth, one would expect everybody in the streets fearfull pointing to the sky. I would expect something huge with a large tail. Or is that going to happen in the near future.

You see Venus, which is the size of Earth, as the Morning Star or Evening Star. Planet X is 4 times the diameter of Venus or Earth, which are approximately the same size. Is this object not 4 times what you would expect to see when you gaze at the morning star? It is close to the orbit of Venus at the present time. Thus, this computes!

Do you know the temperature on the surface of Venus? Any planet near the orbit of Venus could not support the Hominoid life you claim. They would be cooked alive.

Says who? Planet X is a large water planet, and can absorb a lot of heat in its water. It also is shrouded by a dust cloud that reflects much heat and sunlight away. Just what are your calculations on such size and mass and heat absorption? You have none? Yet you spout off like an expert!

China, Guangxi Province, Over 100 Holes Appear [Mar 21]

Guangxi Province lies between several areas of turmoil. To the South and West lies the curve of the Indio/Australian plate, which is being driven under the Himalayas, to the East lies the Philippine plate, which will increasingly lose out during the adjustments the plates make prior to the pole shift, losing ground and eventually disappearing as a discernable plate. The tongue of the great Eurasian plate that holds Guangxi Province also holds much of Indonesia, which will also suffer during the pole shift, crumbling. This tongue is not stable, and much fracturing of rock will occur during the turmoil in the area. This fracturing of rock has already begun!