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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Mar 10, 2007 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

Can the Zetas comment on the obvious question of how Libby's conviction may play out? The rumors of Cheney leaving office? Will Patrick Fitzgerald be able to "move up the food chain" so to speak? Are we getting close to the counter coup? It seems Bush has had a tough week with Iraq, Libby, FBI leaks etc. I assume there is much more of this to come.

We have stated that Cheney will not voluntarily leave office, and short of killing him, there is no way to arrange his absense. He will not resign, as he sees himself surpassing Bush and somehow, by the ignorance of the American people, remaining in charge. Few know with certainly his crimes, and he is hoping to sidestep the coup planned to remove he and Bush and Condi. The group of patriots who have material for impeachment and indictment have more than enough. We have mentioned that such a move is unlikely to happen unless Bush and Cheney try to use the media to announce action that is being blocked by the military and agencies, such as bombing Iran or declaring Martial Law.

I have noticed that certain cities seem to be chemtrailed much heavier and more often than others. Is this due to the demographics of certain cities? Are some cities deemed to contain people more inquisitive that may look to the sun or anomalies/Planet X effects in the sky more than others?

Cities that are expected to be hard hit, and require immense rescue, are expected to result in migrations en mass. Secondarily, cities with a restless youth, gangs, that will begin roving and looting. Third, cities with a history of civil rights, demanding this, or expecting this, as this group is unlikely to accept a Martial Law scenario. LA has gangs and is on a fault line. Chicago is expected to rip apart, for the many reasons we have explained, and need immense rescue. St Louis will go awash. Examine cities from this viewpoint for your answers.

The haze/particle flow from Planet X is very strong now and must be noticed by airline pilots, weathermen, and others surely as it is obvious. I don't understand how the presence of Planet X can continue to be kept secret from the public when the numbers of people involved in the cover-up must be growing exponentially now. I understand that secrets can be kept when death is threatened and backed up with occasional proof killing, but as thousands more become involved in the coverup it seems very problematic to me to keep it going.

We have explained that as more and more people have been added to the group involved in the cover-up, that promises need to be made to provide for them and their families. Indeed, this is a burden and an expense. When these people start demanding that the promises be honored is when the light will go on, but other than lack of cooperation, do not expect appologies. Many others have been told that the big danger is panic, and believe this. From this crowd, there may be appologies and leaking when they realize they have been lied to. Some of these people may go insane, get hysterical on camera, and babble. This would be dealt with by claiming insanity and as with the astronaut who drove across country in diapers, they disappear. Thus, in most cases, we wait for those involved in the cover-up to either panic or get pangs of conscience.

When is Planet X coming? Can you at least narrow it down a bit, back in 2003 you were quite sure it was coming and even had photo's etc. Then we learned that you the Zeta's lied to us. I don't like liars. Now can you tell the truth and say if planet X is coming this year, within 5 years, within 10 years, within 15 years. Please understand Mr Zeta's that I am a human and need to prepare, however my finances only allow me to stock up on supplies for a short period of time. For example, If I stock up now in 2007 and Planet X doesn't arrive till 2030 my investment will be a waste. I am not as wealthy and great as you Zeta's. Please take pity on me, your loyal subject and please, pretty please tell us when Planet X is arriving

As has been stated repeatedly, we will not give a date nor any clue. To do so would benefit those who wish to declare martial Law in a timely manner and blockade what they term useless eaters in cities where they will drown or starve. They are prepared to declare bio-terrorism for this purpose. Prior to this point, they would select out the healthy and skilled for slave labor. Since Martial Law cannot be sustained in a country used to democracy for more than a few days without real justification, they hold back, not knowing the date. Your demand is for yourself only, not for the tens of millions of innocents who would suffer.

Hey Mr. Zeta's, Why are you so American-centric. Why don't you ever discuss the inner workings of Chinese, Indian or European politics? There are better humans on this world then puny Americans.

Nancy is our conduit for ZetaTalk, and she lives in the continental US. Secondarily, we are not in operation around the world. Early in ZetaTalk we explained that over 1,000 different life forms are visiting Earth at this time, sorted into over 40 working groups. We are located in the US, our territory, our responsibility. We are not alone in the US, but this is our area of responsibility. The other countries you mention have their seers and prophets and contactees. Go patronize them, and stop being so Americentric!

Due to the new observations and new ZT about the matter (in full knowing that The Powers That Be keep tabs on ZetaTalk themselves) do the Zeta's see government officials getting any change of heart as to informing the public of preparations?

Unless the White House is taken over by Pelosi, who has a heart, this would not come from the top, but would be done by announcing to local government what is about to happen. FEMA, more likely the military, arms of the military. Homeland Security has been staffed at the top by politicos loyal to the Bush concept of greed and power, so unlikely to come from that agency even at the lower levels. Media sources, those with concience in the media, might find editors or station owners taking chances. Many dramas will play out in the last weeks!

In the Pole Shift section of ZT there is the first article entitled "Zeta Vision". At the end, the Zetas comment on how there will be a second set of cataclysms roughly 7 years after the initial pole shift. I was wondering if this was still true? "This second pass brings the comet outside of your Solar System, but a second set of cataclysms will occur at that time. "

Not much has changed in the projected orbit of Planet X, the time frame, etc, since ZetaTalk began. Our science is more advanced than yours, and as an example, look to how closely Planet X arrived at our projected coordinates! The second pass, per our calculations, will find the Earth on the opposite side of the Sun, so will happen quickly, and will result in no more than high tides and a few quakes.

In the post shift with lack of sun light, would juicing wheatgrass and other grains be possible? Ie enough sunlight, keeping in mind the storage of enough grains for eventual plantings?

Juicing in perference to eating whole? The bran is where the vitamins are! Use your common sense in these matters.

There is much in ZetaTalk about Moses but no mention of Ankhnaten. Were they the same person? And whose starship guided them in the desert Annunaki or Zeta or some other? Are these Helpers from the Old Testament still around and will they be here for our Aftertime to answer the Calll for help again?

We have stated that Moses was guided, by a UFO, during his path to safety during the last pole shift, when much dust and confusion was about to cloud one's view. This was certainly not the Annunaki, who left Earth long before this time. Of course there are helpers around, en mass, at the current time! How is it do you think that Nancy has not dissappeared into the cloud of a car bomb! Help depends on the human, their spiritual orientation. If highly Service-to-Other, they get help. If self focused, they don't, as aliens in the Service-to-Self care not for others.

Cyclone George recently hit Australia and was responsible for the biggest loss of life from a cyclone in over a decade. It surprised weather forecasters when it took a sharp turn south on Wednesday night. "It's fairly unusual to get an abrupt turn like that," Mr Reader said. "It's not unheard of, but it was a very abrupt turn." The earth wobble may have had a hand in the sharp turn this storm made, but my real question lies in the lack of storms North America had in 2006. Asia was hit pretty hard but the U.S. hurricane season was light. Why would that be if the previous year was so violent?

Storms hit elsewhere, in atypical places. The ferocity of storms hitting the US was replaced with weather swings, temperature swings, and rain storms elsewhere that were unexpected deluge. Fierce storms hit Europe, this past year. What you can anticipate, in the coming months, is the unexpected! Just what this will be, we decline to say, as we prefer the establishment to be off kilter, shocked, discombobulated, and likely to blurt out the truth to the public!

Is the 'Greenhouse effect" on Venus Atmosphere migrating to Earth's Atmosphere, during Venus's Inferior Conjunctions?


Does the rash of media people being assassinated in Russia have anything to do with Planet X or is it just suppressing what Putin is doing? What is the real reasons behind the assassinations? Is Bush just solidying his position by visiting Uraquay today, as a potential retreat?

We mentioned recently on the live chat that Bush is in S America to try to make his potential future bed more friendly. He was not expected to succeed, and has not succeeded in cementing anything but the hatred felt toward him. Putin is not at the helm of the rash of assassinations, as it is old timers in the KGB and Kremlin who are doing this. Simply put, they worry about riots just as Bush does, but control the media in a different manner. Bush issues National Security orders, to silence factual reporting.

Forbes list of billionaires shows India leading Japan for the number of billionaires, which speaks volumes of what is happening with the global economy. However, what was amazing is that Russia has as many billionaires as Japan and India combined. Are these "new" billionaires really the so called Russian Mafia and what is their agenda?

Russia was never able to root out the Black Market, which grew under the restrictions of Communism. The US had a similar problem during the Prohibition, allowing the Mafia life. In countries such as India, which have few rules against garnering wealth, pooling wealth in the hands of few would be expected. The cast system predisposes the people to accept this. Japan has for years had a low birth rate, below replacement levels, with the citizenry saving money. The US has a different attitude, but under Bush has made the rich richer, etc.

Was Dick Cheney's blood clot simply his failing health? If so, can we expect him to die from health soon or will he keep truckin into the poleshift?

Cheney has horrific health problems, as is known in inner circles. He should have a replacement heart but will not go under the knife as he fears not waking up! Fears being assassinated. Just look at what happened to Bill Clinton during heart surgery. This was no accident! Cheney is unlikely to travel for months, but other than that, no expected changes in his routine. What will kill him suddenly is shock, and the Earth changes are likely to bring this to him in a manner he cannot escape!

Where is Planet X? What I want to know is how far it is away from the Earth and the Sun. Is it between the Sun and Mercury, between the Sun and Venus or between Venus and the Earth?

It is between the Sun and Earth, which it holds in an eddy flow of particles coming round the backside of Planet X from the Sun. Venus is likewise caught in the cup, as is Earth's dark twin which came around behind Earth when it halted in its orbit. Planet X moved closer to the Sun than Mercury, but Mercury escaped during a lucky moment and when Planet X passed beyond its orbit, was free to go round the Sun on its merry way. Venus is moved to simulate its orbit when viewed from Earth, just as the Earth's seasons are simulated by tilting the Earth or dropping or raising it below of above the Ecliptic. Venus and Earth and the dark twin are increasingly clashing with each other, as we have explained. This is drama we will not detail as again, we want the establishment discombobulated.

I have been noticing for about two years, and so have others, strange almost perfectly circular holes opening up in clouds. I recently took a picture of one over my back yard, one of a series of four that formed while I watched. My batteries died after taking this picture, which is also happening quite a bit around here. South Of Columbia SC. I have included the picture in the attachments. I took it with a polaroid digital camera. I wouldn't even send it if it wasn't important to the question, can the zetas comment about these holes in the clouds?

Such a hole was also noticed during the O'Hare airport sighting of a large ship by United employees on Nov 7, 2006. We have stated that such sightings, over places that will be shortly devastated by plate movements, are being warned not only by the sighting itself but by telepathic warnings given to the populace. South Carolina was one such place to report a UFO blitz during this same time period. What causes the holes? The recent evacuation of a mothership or large ship, which was there, but concealed by the bending of light rays around the ship. Once the ship leaves, on a cloudy day, the hole in the clouds is at first apparent!

Bush vows swift action in FBI records scandal "President Bush pledged swift action on Saturday over findings that the FBI illegally or improperly obtained private records during terrorism and espionage investigations." Just this past week Bush had to assure people he was doing all he could to correct the poorly maintained Army hospitals. Now he has to assure people he will correct the illegal FBI information gathering. He always acts surprised, not because he didn't know about it, but because he never planned for it to reach light. My question is who is responsible for these situations reaching the public as complete fact and forcing Bush to reposture himself? I imagine the Puppet Master, because it doesn't seem like anyone within the US could get these stories out and succeed in forcing change.

Indeed, after the 2004 elections were stolen, we reported that the Puppet Master was planning to decapitate Bush and company, and this has occurred as we predicted, and in the manner we predicted. Bush has been setup to be the big scapegoat when it is clear to the populace that the Planet X scenario that we have laid out is true, a situation that will come about in due time. The US, the White House, controls NASA, which has the Hubble, and controls the Navy, which is in charge of observatories world wide, and the many major media outlets the world uses as primary coverage of news. The fear Bush and company have about this potential is palpable, as they are aware of ZetaTalk and our warnings. This is one reason for the very harsh cover-up, which is more strict in the US than elsewhere. But like the rigid tree that does not bend in a windstorm, this rigidity will cause the cover-up in the US to snap, suddenly, with loss of control by the White House.