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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Sep 30, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

A question about reincarnation. When one becomes disincarnate, are they allowed to know what happened to them when they died? For instance, someone who died on 911. They may know that a plane (or whatever) contributed to their death. But, are they allowed to know the exact circumstances of their death included parties involved etc?

The priority in discussions with a soul leaving one incarnation and proceeding to their next incarnation include:

  1. first, a focus on their life lessons or what they hoped to accomplish, and how they succeeded,
  2. second, a discussion on what is to be accomplished or the focus in the forthcoming incarnation,
  3. third, any lingering questions or concerns the entity might have about responsibilities left undone or dependents in bad circumstances, which might incline it to be a ghost and haunt so the resolution of these issues is desires by all,
  4. an explanation of the circumstances of their death, which the entity might not be aware of if the soul departed quickly or before the last breath.

Thus, depending upon work load and the interest of the soul itself to learn all these details, the death may or may not even come up for discussion.

What do you think about the Admin's endorsing torture and the labelling of "dissent" as "terrorism" ? Do the Zetas speak to this?

Clearly, this White House is proceeding with their original plan, despite all setbacks. They are not succeeding in Iraq, cannot get an invasion of Iran going on any legitimate reason, and cannot push Israel or the US Military into attacking Iran. But they keep trying. This is because the original plan was to sit on all the Middle East oil fields, and they are marching to the plan like brain dead robots. Likewise, the plan was to remove all civil liberties, make the Constitution irrelevant, reduce Congress to a handful of loyalists when the time came, rubber stamping any request Bush make of them, packing the Supreme Court for another rubber stamp, and declare Martial Law and Bush President for life. The Bush interpretation is to allow any citizen, for any reason, to be imprisoned without appeal. This will not fly, and the current law quickly passed not even constitutional, as will quickly become apparent, but they keep on trying anyway.

Dr. Robert H. Hadley, Prof. Hawkins and others have analyzed Crop Circle T367. After their analysis, Hadley and Hawkins both came up with (among other dates) an event prediction of Feb. 25, 2007. That translates to about a 30 degree-a-month increase in the 270 degree roll and would appear to be a realistic prediction date. Is T367 a valid warning from yourselves or other benign aliens? It would appear that the cover-up is on its last legs and we have only months until severe Earth changes and the leaning left becomes obvious to all. Planet X and what it means will become a reality, like it or not.

Earth is missing from this Crop Circle as the fact that the Earth was to halt in her orbit when Planet X came near the Sun was to be information kept from the establishment. As can be seen from their behavior going into December 2003, they revealed for all watching the drama that they knew of the pending clash, called a Level Orange in the US for no reason, and that they did not intend to notify the populace. Indeed, 2007 will be an active year, as will the time between now and that date. Certainly, anyone privy to this interpretation will realize that something is being covered up, by this date, as mankind will no longer be blind. We are not getting into specifics re this warning, as usual, so as not to alert the establishment to what they should issue disinformation on.

Is it possible to pickup feedback from an implant using a regular cordless phone?

Your nervous system is electrical, at its base, bearing in mind that electricity is not a single subatomic particle movement, but by our count some hundreds of particles for the electro-magnetic spectrum. Depending upon your phone, it could simulate brain activity, nervous system activity, and yes, nudge your implant to send out its signal, as intended.

I am abductee and a earth sensitive .I have a constant ringing in the left ear that seems to come from inside the head . I hear tones before and after earthquakes for years ...been checked not tinitus . Could this ringing be related to any implants anywhere in the head ? Please ask the Zeta's . Hope this is not a silly question .

Nancy will report that she has also had this, not related to quakes but at odd times, over the years. This is indeed an implant effect, and in your case is related to the radio wave static that the Earth emits prior to quakes. Rock is squeezed, and radios in the vicinity have a lot of static. It is not only this particular particle, that radios can sense, that is incresed in the vicinity, but we are using this example to show you that particles are on the move during pre-quake stress of rock. Some implants, when activated for visitations, do not settle down as quickly as we would like, and thus a lingering ringing in the ear. Yet another sign that contactees can use to confirm their contactee status!

With the recent book by Bob Woodward, it appears that a person I never trusted, Henry Kissinger, has been involved with the president in decisions in Iraq. Is he involved, why is he involved, and what is his agenda? It seems to me that he was already a loser in Vietnam so why would Bush consult him? The 2nd person that we periodically hear about on the global scene, but not much is Gorbachev. What is he up to these days and is he a factor in world events? [and from another] Pope Receives Kissinger [Sep 29] Benedict XVI received Henry Kissinger, the former U.S. secretary of state, in a private audience at Castel Gandolfo, reported the Vatican. The Vatican press office did not issue any public statement on what was discussed during Thursday's meeting. Kissinger also met with Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi and President Giorgio Napolitano during his weeklong visit to Rome.

As the times get more tense, and the normal guards against revealing associations are dropped, the formation of what is called the New World Order crowd will become apparent. They meet with each other, frequently, as mail or email or phone calls are not to be trusted. One can see the tight cabal by watching these meetings, which have no other reason for occurring, no official reason, in most cases. The reluctance Bush has in dumping Cheney or Rumsfeld have this base, as they can freely talk among themselves an plot, with the current configuration. What would be the explanation for frequent visits by Rumsfeld or Cheney is no longer part of the Administration, otherwise? Watch who visits who, and map the organization charts as to who is involved in world takeover plans!

6.7 Quake in Samoa Islands felt all the way up to Utah? [and from another]
MAP 3.0 2006/09/28 06:44:54 UTAH
MAP 2.8 2006/09/28 06:33:26 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
MAP 3.0 2006/09/28 06:33:23 CENTRAL CALIFORNIA
MAP 6.7 2006/09/28 06:22:11 SAMOA ISLANDS REGION

Domino quake began in August, 1999, a fact which our Emissary, Nancy, found she could clearly document. At that time, the domino effect often took a day, or at least hours. The Earth's plates are now more tightly packed together, so a more instant domino effect will be observed. What does this mean for future quakes? It means a quake in one part of the globe will no longer be a local affair, and thus the perception of an increased quake frequency will be upon the populace. What has caused the plates to be locked in this manner? Where swirling magma releases heat particle, temporarily swelling the surface of the Earth, after some years this swelling reduces as the heat particles release into the crust and ocean. Since this increased melt of glaciers and polar ice has been noted for several years now, this process has been ongoing. Thus, an increased domino effect from quakes will be an increasing phenomena!

Long-Dormant Alaskan Volcano May Erupt Soon [Sep 27] A volcano believed by scientists to be dormant for the last 10,000 years has rumbled to life with a burst of ash, gas and steam, signs that an eruption could occur in the coming days or weeks. Scientists last week spotted a cloud streaming near the Fourpeaked Volcano, a 6,903-foot mountain about 200 miles southwest of Anchorage. Although scientists believe Fourpeaked Volcano has been quiet for the past 10,000 years, there is no way to be sure since the mountain is covered by ice and geologic studies have been limited, Cervelli said.

We have mentioned that all volcanoes considered active within the last 10,000 years should be considered candidates for eruption during the pending pole shift. Certainly, such volcanoes along the Pacific Rim fall into this category. The highly active volcanoes in Alaska have no inactive volcanoes beside them, as why would they? It is a matter of degree, in these zones, as to when a volcano wakes up. They will all wake up, in such an area. This volcano is assumed to be asleep, but has not been explored due to ice. Mankind assume the ice has been there for eons, but it was only the last pole shift that moved the N Pole from being situated over Greenland to being situated near this location. Thus, an ice free examination would have revealed activity during the last shift, the time of the Jewish Exodus.