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ZetaTalk: Anorexia
written Nov 28, 2005

The mental illness known as Anorexia kills more people than any other and is on the increase. I was wondering if the Zetas could comment on causes, how to help and how to recover and any other general info they may have on the subject which could increase understanding and assist people suffering with the illness and people trying to help sufferers?

The first influence on the babe is the mother's influence, and this occurs well before birth. When the mother becomes tense, under what circumstances, how much love comes from the mother's heart or whether this is a stingy release, with anger or a grim desire for control of the environment the prevailing emotion felt. The babe is adjusting to the mother as it's primary environment, the umbilical cord to survival before birth but likewise a bond that ensures the babe of survival after birth as well. The babe becomes a politician, if the environment is not warm and loving, in order to survive, learning when to be politically correct and do the mother's biding to avoid the mother's anger and potential abandonment.

In households where the mother is control conscious, into control battles with others, and considers the child just another thing to be controlled, the child has two paths it can follow. It can cooperate, as it must for any kind of peace, or it can rebel. In some, cooperation is complete capitulation, with the eventual adult following religious edicts without question, following the edicts of a corporate head or politician without question, and distressed if required to question as this raises the specter of the mother's abandonment. In others, rebellion sets in early with the child eventually either ejected from the household or virtually so by a mother who ignores and neglects the child as much as allowed by the society she must live within. The child leaves home, and never returns. More often there is a seething battle, and this is the root cause of Anorexia.

Mother represents food, and whether feeding the child from the breast or from the bottle, will either make these early sessions a delight of touch and caring or a battle over the outcome. A control oriented mother will not allow the child to chose the time and outcome of a nursing session, but will start dictating these issues. Normally nursing occurs when the babe is restless and hungry, the mother's milk responding, and the outcome a satiated babe falling back into sleep, a happy outcome all around. The child dictates the time and amount to be consumed. A control oriented mother will try to decide when a nursing session, or a bottle feeding session, should occur. Her schedule, her determination on the amount to be consumed, and the battle over food started early. The babe tries to turn away, has the nipple forced into its mouth again and again, the sense of anger in the air, and the framework of the battle has been laid.

Close examination of the dynamics around the dinner table when the babe is a child invariably shows argument about what food to eat, how much to consume, with the mother dishing it out onto the child's plate and watching closely that it get consumed. This should be compared to the family where the child chooses what to load onto its plate from serving dishes with only an occasional suggestion from mother to try the broccoli or whatever, with father commenting that if one fills the plate up it is wasteful unless eaten, a clean plate. Basically, the child chooses.

Having had the issue of control over one's life hopelessly confused with food consumption, the Anorexic finds food fights clicking in even when not the issue. If someone suggests they vote for a candidate the Anorexic would not themselves choose, they stop eating. If the work hours are changed and the new routine not what the Anorexic would prefer, they stop eating. If the spouse wants sex, or does not want sex, averse what the Anorexic wants for the evening, they stop eating. In a world where tensions are on the increase, and those wanting control over their environment becoming more adamant and shrill, these matters will only acerbate. Thus, the increase in Anorexia, which is likely only to become worse both in those who suffer, and in an increase of new cases.