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ZetaTalk: Broken Link
written Nov 6, 2004

How do we keep out of the internment camps, set for dissenters in all 50 US states, per ex military bases?

We have stated that by the time the pole shift is seen as inevitable, with rotation slowing to a stop and the monster passing planet like a dragon in the sky, that travel will be impossible, divided loyalties suddenly crystallizing into one direction, innovation to overcome disaster on the rise, while fully 43% of mankind goes mad from the horror and uncertainty. For Martial Law to succeed, an unbroken chain needs to exist, but the broken link will prevent this.

Train derailments due to twisted tracks are almost epidemic today, small planes crashing likewise almost epidemic due to guidance system failure, and sinkholes under roads opening up suddenly, blocking the traffic flow. This will only get worse, and where interment or work camps have been planned in the past, they require rail lines that work, else internment or slavery occurs close to home and fails because of this. An army that cannot march or descent from the skies is ignored, and the exponential increase in disasters affecting travel will slowly create this scenario. Thus local rule will be the only concern, certainly not federal rule, and most likely not even state or provincial rule. Martial Law requires the long reach of the law, but all the links in this chain will be broken.
Most of mankind walks through life following rules, from the parents, dictated by organized religion, currently in force in the school system, as stated in numerous government statutes, as interpreted by the courts or police, implied by current social mores, or agreed upon by local associations. They are everywhere, but the press of disasters, and acute pain, prioritize loyalties and the rules they represent quickly. The first to go are those at a distance from the home and heart. Soldiers go AWOL in a wink, even if at a great distance from home, seeing their commanders suddenly irrelevant. Soldiers with a basic good heart simply walk away from orders that are cruel or dictatorial, the order not heeded, leaving commanders sputtering and read faced, alone. Martial Law requires the unrequited loyally of soldiers, but almost every soldier, certainly the grunts in the trenches or manning the guns, will become a broken link in this chain.
It is often imagined by power mongering dictators at the heads of corporations or countries that the populace sits like sheep awaiting a directive. In fact, it is that they insist on this posture, punishing innovation as thought it were sedition, that creates this passivity. Thus, they assume a passivity that does not exist. When disasters and the acute pain this brings descend, it will not be the leaders of countries or corporations that emerge with solutions, it will be leadership emerging from the common man. The power mongers will sit in their control centers, barking orders, but no one will be listening. Where have the sheep gone? Over the hill, like wild horses, following the stallion. Not sheep, after all. Martial Law requires the populace to follow directives, like sheep, but every resourceful solution to a crisis breaks that chain, broken links all.
The coming Earth changes leading into the pole shift is such that few anchors in what man assumes his Universe to be will remain. Only those with a solid connection to the Universal connection between people, an understanding of the spiritual realm and how and why their current life is not as important as the overall flow of their spiritual existence and its direction, will be grounded. The spiritually immature lack this understanding, and those stuck in self centered modes refuse to look beyond themselves, and are more prone to panic. Man sees the Sun rise in the East, hears his religion assert a connection to the gods, and thinks the laws of the land virtually immutable. Then one day the Sun rises in the NW, the church is red faced and without comment, and the government in disarray and not fulfilling their duties. Depression, hysteria, hiding in closets and seeking comfort in delusions, all will emerge, epidemic. Those most needing to be in control, such as the self serving power mongers attempting to rule the world, and those most seeking the comfort that a sense of continuity provides, such as the spiritually immature, will be most affected. Thus those that would impose Martial Law, and their minions in the corporations and in the military and in the ranks of government, will be mostly affected by madness. Once again, the broken link, found muttering in the closet instead of at their posts.