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ZetaTalk: October Surprise
written Oct 15, 2004 went missing from web after posting this: TBR News – October 11, 2004 Voice of the White House
‘We are about to embark on another war! Yes, it has been decided and carefully planned. Who are we going to war with? Iran.’ Could Zetas comment please.

Despite the poll reports, the Bush/Kerry race is hardly a dead heat. Polls are very easily manipulated, controlled at the top, and the public unable to verify any of the reported results. How would it be that with its economy in disarray, continuous massive layoffs and outsourcing to other countries with new job creation a mathematical myth generated by Labor Department computer models, corporate and private bankruptcies at an all time high and most states as well as the US government itself in point of fact bankrupt, homelessness endemic as those without jobs or unemployment compensation are forced out of their homes to live in their cars or on the streets - that voters would want more of the same? Oil prices sky high because Iraq, in open civil war without end in sight, has had its oil fields ruined by angry sabotage; the hunt for Bin Laden put aside for an obvious oil grab in Iraq that has maimed thousands and alienated the world - and voters want more of the same?

The optimistic rhetoric from the Bush Administration is due to dozens of plans to win the election, not by popular vote, but by fraud and disruption. Most hearing of these plans, or suspecting them, assume the Bush Administration is powerful, and without opposition. The truth is that the Bush Administration was put into office, assisted in this, by what we have termed the Puppet Masters, the wealthy elite who rule the world by virtue of their control of corporations, being the major stockholders, and control of countries, by their control of the World Bank and financial institutions and their backing of Federal Reserves. This control runs beyond mere financial clout, as like the CIA and Mafia, all routes to control their Puppets are used, including assassination, intimidation and blackmail, bribery, and the ability to infiltrate security systems so that there is no escape from their reach. We have reported that the Puppet Masters are not pleased with the Bush Administration's performance, and are in any case looking for a scapegoat to point to when the truth about Planet X goes public. Bush and his cronies are not planning to go down easy.

But will this succeed? Election fraud, and rogue electors, are swords that can cut both ways, and with a reach that surpasses security systems, the Supreme Court is not immune from intimidation by an enraged Puppet Master. The sole remaining recourse, then, of a Puppet determined to establish itself as an independent unit going into and emerging from the coming pole shift as rulers on the N. American continent and in control of the tatters of the US Military, assumed to be preeminent in the world after the shift as it was before the shift, is to trigger Martial Law. This has long been put into place in the US with Executive Orders to allow FEMA to take over the land in the event of disasters, but this requires a disaster. This has been superseded by Homeland Security, which has been given broad command over federal, state, and local resources as well as the US Military when a threat to the US is involved. If threats to the US have been attempted, hundreds of times, but blocked by ourselves and our brethren in the Service-to-Others, then how to manufacture such a threat? Initiate a war, elsewhere.

What should be remembered, when contemplating the possibility of such a move, is that the Bush Administration no longer controls the US Military, and has long been told that a polite exit from Iraq is to occur. How would it be that Bush, sneering his disdain at the UN in early 2003, as ‘irrelevant’, went begging for their assistance in 2004? The UN is to step in, the US politely stepping to the back, despite the rabid determination to secure the oil fields where the world saw the Ministry of Oil protected while the ancient treasures in the museum in Baghdad were looted. The US Military is in revolt, withdrawing from Korea in order to support the Iraq campaign, and the US populace fearing a draft the next move. War with Korea, or war with Iran, no matter how much incited by their treatment by the Bush Administration, has not and will not occur, for these reasons. This would be seen as an act of insanity, unprovoked, which the electorate, the congress, and the court systems would fear to support for fear the US public would go into open revolt. This does not mean that such acts are not contemplated. It means the hand at the helm hesitates as failure is so certain. As long as the possibility of winning the election by voter fraud and electoral college manipulation and Supreme Court intervention exists, this path is chosen. And the likelihood of an October Surprise becoming a December Surprise is equally unlikely, as a public and US Military anticipating a new Commander in Chief would likewise not tolerate an unprovoked invasion from a lame duck administration.