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ZetaTalk: Ships Out to Sea
written June 3, 2004

Events seem to point to June this year for a commencement of some type. It seems that general government activity is stepped up. I have noted an increase in local military stockpiling for our secret base underground here in Colorado. Red alerts being made by homeland security seems like a near term test. Government seems to knows a practical date window now.

Suddenly the navies of the world are out to sea, where they can ride out tsunamis, dozens of countries all with a carefully crafted excuse. Coordinated military exercises on land and sea, the perfect excuse for face to face discussion, always the most secure way to discuss matters too alarming for the public to stumble upon, and all this activity beyond what is needed for any terrorism threat. Supposedly abandoned military bases in the US being stocked, known enclaves such as Greenbrier and Mt Weather being stocked. What do the governments of the world know? What are they worried about, all the while not informing their public?

Nancy has speculated that the increased pace of the battering indicates that Planet X has moved closer to Earth, trapped in her orbit like a stalled car in a traffic lane, and this is correct. It has also risen closer to the Sun’s middle, a point where it will no longer skew its magnetic poles but will jerk to align with the Sun. Both these situations are evident to astronomers tracking Planet X, and where they are confused about a date, there is no argument about possible effects. Quakes mean tsunamis, wobbling means erratic tides, and not knowing a date means all countries may need to impose some semblance of Martial Law in event of changes so dramatic and so sudden that they are obvious to the public. Each country reacts according to its culture and the leadership in charge. Insecure leadership, such as in N Korea or the US, points across the borders and cries that an invasion or terrorism is at hand, as this distracts the populace. The media is moving in the direction of a breakdown of the cover-up, which will dismantle first by denigrating the chosen scapegoats, second by discussing an interloper planet as a possibility, and last by more honesty and direct discussion of survival steps.

Signs of the Times #875
Iran Begins Naval War Games [May 22] ‘Iran announced it has begun a major regional naval exercise in the Persian Gulf and other nearby waters, Middle East Newsline reported Saturday.’
[and from another]
Largest war games in Asia-Pacific underway in Thailand [May 13] ‘Almost 20,000 military personnel from the United States and other ally nations are taking part in the largest war games in the Asia-Pacific, in Thailand. Cobra Gold exercises include Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines and Mongolia. Ten other nations will observe this year´s drills, including Australia, China, France, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.’
[and from another]
‘Maritime units of nine international navies, including the US, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Kuwait and Bahrain, participated in the exercise’
[Note: every country in the world getting their navies out to sea? This is to protect them, expecting sloshing along the coastlines which would dash the boats.]
Signs of the Times #874
Royal Navy ties up ahead of Seven-Nation War Games ‘Called Exercise Blinding Storm by the United States – and less grandly, Exercise Rapid Alliance by the U.K. – the training will involve upward of 30,000 troops from seven nations in exercises off and on the coast of North Carolina. Dutch marines and French soldiers will take part, as well as a Peruvian submarine and contingents from Germany and Canada.’
[and from another]
Major Russian Armed Forces Exercises to be held in June [May 17]‘The Russian Armed Forces will hold major exercises in June 2004, acting Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov told President Vladimir Putin.’
[and from another]
U.S. Troops Play War Games [May 18] ‘The Russian and U.S. military launched an unprecedented six-day command post exercise in Moscow on Monday to train for conducting joint operations in a third country.’
[Note: and the big guys coordinating, for what event?]
Signs of the Times #848
Revealed: London's plans for the 'very worst' [May 14] ‘The Government today issued orders to councils across London on how to evacuate hundreds of thousands of people in the event of a Doomsday strike by terrorists. The contingency plans cater for a mass exodus of people from whichever area of the capital is targeted. Local councils will use transport including trains and buses to get people away from threatened areas. And they have been instructed to post officials at stations to shepherd fleeing Londoners to the designated shelters. In the event of a large scale attack the Army would inevitably be called in to quell mass panic among those heading for the shelters. Other plans for a mass evacuation of London are believed to include moving the seat of Government to a secure nuclear bunker in the countryside. Sites for temporary mortuaries are also being identified. It is not thought there will be any mass leafleting of the public in the event of an attack. Instead, authorities would rely on radio and television broadcasts to keep the public informed of any danger as it arose. Ministers are keen that such broadcasts do not "over-dramatise" the scale of the crisis thereby contributing to mass hysteria.’