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ZetaTalk: June 8 Transit
recorded May 30 2004 on the F2F Live Radio Broadcast, streaming audio archive available

Will the Venus transit occur on June 8?

We have deliberately avoided answering this question because the government is going to step forward and do something they will regret. They listen to what we say and counter it. So if we are closed mouthed about this matter, whether Venus will pass in front of the Sun and move on its way or not, the government will proceed with the plan that they have which is to present to you doctored photos and doctored videos, whether it happens or not. Wait until the time comes because this is a game of chess and we are holding our next move in abeyance. You will see the drama when it happens.

Signs of the Times #841
Just a word of warning. The Venus transit will not be visible from SOHO. It will have the wrong perspective. It will be visible from Earth. This just shows how Earth biased these things are and how inconsequential they are to the heavens. Those of you prepared to view this on EIT will be disappointed. The link below gives you alternate on-line viewing sites. Courtesy of NASA.
[and from another source]
For 40 degrees North, Internal Egress and External Egress can be approximated as 11:05:58 UT and 11:25:56 UT, respectively. That´s all the information you require. Depending on your longitude, you may either see entire transit, partial transit in progress, or the transit will not be visible.
[Note: The much hyped Transit of Venus on June 8, 2004 will be visible by few. To view it, one must have a telescope, with a sun filter, be in the correct location on Earth at the correct time. If viewing it from an online site, one must assume a superimposed transit over the video as a possibility, ala Hollywood which superimposes a leaping Spiderman in front of a cityscape animation. The transit will be a tiny dot on the Sun, moving across its surface, hardly visible by naked eye due to the glare of the Sun.]