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Crop Circles, Message or Mystery?

General and specific guidelines in interpretation, given by the Zetas. Statistics on increase in frequency. Hoaxing debunked, by speed of laydown and methods of laydown, grain bent at the nodes rather than broken and interwoven in layers, electro-magnetic or radionuclides measurements and effect on humans visting circiels, and mathematical precision as noted by Steven Hawkins. Major media support or hoax claims, as proof of cover-up re alien presence. ZetaTalk guide to identifying a hoaxed circle, quickly. Famous hoaxes. Admissions by other countries. How aliens counter this disinformation during their circle laydowns. Phenomena of July 4, 2003 dual crop circles in Wisconsin including the ZetaTalk triangle within them. ZetaTalk specifics on circle meaning, given in 2004 - sweeping arms of the Sun compared to live seismograph data, orbit lock, concentric circles and Planet X position during the pole shift, serpentine dance and evidence of Planet X retrograde orbit, triades and the magnetic trimesters in HAARP data, insect circles, and the convoluted 270° roll representations.