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Why NASA Fails, the Forces Against Them

NASA's funding sources. Relationship of NASA missions to Alternative 3. Withholding Hubble images from the public and techniques used. NASA and other agencies under CIA directives, ordered to lie. Why and how astronauts were silenced, examples of assassinations. Faked Moon landing argument, and the reasons for staged film, and what the astronauts actually saw on the Moon. What the Apollo logo reveals. Apollo 13, and why the Apollo project was discontinued. Elite plans to escape the pole shift on Mars, old men and young women, evidenced of Bush Sr. involvement. Alien involvement in elite plans. Council of World edicts and how they are enforced. NASA mechanical failures, why they started in the last 1990's and have picked up. Columbia, Genesis, ISS space station, and their relationship to the passage of Planet X. Plans to nuke Planet X, and how this relates to NASA failures.