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Disaster Movies, Depicting the Passage?

Interplay between ZetaTalk warnings, Nancy's short story The Passage, and various disaster movies, showing relationship to theme and timing. 1951 Day the Earth Stood Still and warnings MJ12 received during Roswell time frame. 1979 Meteor and the Star Wars program. 1998 Deep Impact and 1998 Armageddon and the Hollywood fallacy of the government actually functioning. Sudden and atypical volcanic and quake occurrence, as in 1997 Volcano in LA and 1999 Aftershock Earthquake in New York, related to increase and occurrence predicted by ZetaTalk. ZetaTalk 1995 weather predictions and theme of 2004 Day After Tomorrow and 2005 Category 7 flicks. ZetaTalk predictions for continent changing quakes and 2005 Yellowstone Supervolcano and 2005 10.5 films made for TV. President for Life as depicted in 1996 Escape from LA and current Bush family behavior, Homeland Security intent to blockade people in cities. Anticipated government collapse as depicted in 1995 Waterworld and 1997 Postman movies. 1979 Mad Max movie depicting lawlessness after disaster, realistic? ZetaTalk warning about pole shift ocean sloshing and 2000 Perfect Storm plus 2004 Day After Tomorrow.