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The Zeta Emissary Role, Were Their Auditions?

Why the heck does Nancy get to be the Zeta Emissary, when so many others are smarter, more educated, have status in society that would make them more influential, and have more personality? What are the attributes and requirements for qualification? Percentages and the vetting process. Early contactee status and the timed-release process. What the child forgets, and how the scars stand as reminders. Implants, and how they enhanced Nancy's ability to pick up the concepts the Zeta wished to relay. The dramatic scar in Nancy's forehead, at the Third Eye, how this burn occurred at the doctor's office. Early scrutiny by MJ12, and what Carl Sagan's book Contact reveals about their awareness of Nancy. Alien introductions and participation in the hybrid program, as adjuncts to the communication role.