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Survival Communities, Models in Today's Society

Service-to-Other communities as the essence of survival after the pole shift. History of what is called Intentional Communities, and their recent proliferation. Self-sufficiency as a theme, and examples from the UK and Arizona. The Amish, and how their rules against the use of electricity make their lifestyle compliment the post pole shift times when the grid will be down and technology devastated and hard to restart. The Farm, in Summertown, Tennessee, an example of cooperative people with an emphasis on farming. What the Farm learned about the ideal size of a community. A German community called an experiment in tolerance, with insights on how to reduce conflict and achieve consenus. Yamagishi-kai in Japan and around the world, sharing all resources including money. Gardening as a common theme and the Findhorn gardens in Scottland. Example communities in Cincinnati and Montana with a gardening focus. Huehuecoyotl in Mexico as an example of an eco-village intent on preserving nature as well as being self-sufficient.