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ZetaTalk Accuracy, On Target Every Time!

Lack of voter fraud in 2006 elections, predicted by the Zetas repeatedly in the months ahead, with evidence that the polls reflected exit polls and polls taken ahead of the elections. Zeta explanation on how the vote fraud was countered, allowing the wishes of the voters to prevail. Potential for implosion in Iraq, including a secretive evacuation, predicted by the Zetas in February 2006. News reports showing the state of affairs in October, 2006, supporting the Zeta prediction made months before. Polar melt in the Arctic from heat generated from the core of the Earth, predicted by the Zetas in 1995. Melting permafrost, predicted by the Zetas in 2001, and recent evidence of same. School shootings, as an indication of spiritual polarization, predicted by the Zetas in 1996.