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Zeta-Human Hybrids, Mankind's Next Leap Forward

Experiences of genetic contributors, from the woman's viewpoint, and the mans. Why women report their experiences, and men fall silent. Relationship to the hybrid program and the coming die-off from the pole shift. The time frame, and the pace. Whether humans are to become extinct, like Neanderthal man. Genetic engineering techniques. Genetic diseases, what it being kept and what discarded, and how recessive genes factor in. Valued human characteristics, valued Zeta characteristics, and the resulting hybrid model. Difference between Zeta and human emotions and sex drive and what the hybrids will experience. How negative aspects in humans such as blind rage and obesity are being handled. Prebirth agreements to ensure cooperation with the hybrid program. Hostile humans who resent someone else in charge for the next leap forward. Introductions of hybrid children to their human parents. Physiological differences in lungs, liver, kidneys, and sleep cycles and whether the Zetas or human characteristics prevailed. Early hybrids, the mistakes.