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Iraq, Is It About to Explode?

Oil, as the real reason for Iraq invasion. Evidence the invasion was rushed, in March, 2003, because of Zeta predictions re the pole shift. Zeta predictions re Iraq, at the time of the invasion re regime change and catastrophe. Evidence that a Saddam double is in the docket and Saddam's sons not killed. US Military revolt against Bush on August 2003, Navy the exception, and subsequent personnel changes. Why NORTHCOM and NORAD are now headed by an Admiral, who has joined the revolt. Halliburton rip-off and other Iraq frauds. US and Iraq polls, and the rising death count for both countries. The real hands behind the bombing of the Golden Mosque, and the likelihood of civil war. The Bush desire to pour civil war over the border into Iran, again, for oil. Forward Base Falcon disaster and cover-up, and what this means for the future of Iraq. Have the Zeta predictions, make in March, 2003, born true?