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Contradictions in Prophecy, Who is Right?

Difficulties in sorting out true prophets from fakers or disinformation artists. How to identify a true prophet. Edgar Cayce, what qualities made him a success and why he received extraterrestrial assistance. Cayce's predictions on global changes and why these differ from the Zeta predictions. How the Dec 26, 2004 tsunami quake and changes in the Mediterranean were predicted by Cayce, and a similar ZetaTalk prediction re Earth torque. Why Cayce and ZetaTalk both missed their pole shift dates. How Michael David Scallion receives his information and comparison with ZetaTalk re New Madrid predictions. Comparing the Scallion and ZetaTalk new geography maps. Lou Famoso as little known example of true prophet. Third Secret of Fatima as another religion based prophecy, withheld by the church. Why the faithful have sometimes misinterpreted the Bible. Sylvia Browne, accurate but reluctant. Her 2002 prediction re late 2007 and how this matches the ZetaTalk description of the progress of Planet X. How the 2012 Mayan Calendar date was computed, and why the real date is still not known.