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Earth's Twirling Wobble, Rock and Roll before the Shift

Earth's response as Planet X approached from Orion and arrived in 2003, with red dust, power outages, and global shuddering and wobbling twice a day evident on USGS live seismographs. Halted Earth orbit in 2003 and why there is apparent precision. Evidence of halted Earth orbit
1. in Venus transit in June 2004 and the close flyby of Earth;
2. in comets T7 and Q4 come early in February 2003 as Earth was now in their path;
3. in dark Earth twin sharing her orbit bringing up the rear in April 2004,
4. in high Sun arch during Summer of 2004;
5. in constellations offset as observed by precision instruments.
Earth wobble developing in 2004, figure 8 of N Pole, and cause. Documented evidence of wobble from worldwide reports. Dramatic reports of observations at the wobble point. Earth torque causing Dec 26, 2004 tsunami quake, evidence of torque on IRIS charts. Why the West Coast has had fewer quakes lately than the rest of the Ring of Fire. Prophecy on what is next, increased wobble to the point of a drunken Earth reeling to and fro.