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New Madrid Fault, When Will It Snap?

The New Madrid history, and why liquifaction is a factor in the devastation it brings. Comparison to quakes on the West Coast to those of comparable Richter in the New Madrid fault line region. Why New Madrid quakes in the past do not describe the devastation to come, as we now have the Torque Effect on the N American continent, pulling the continent in a diagonal. Why the N American continent is not free to turn under stress, and must rip along the New Madrid instead. History of Earth changes in the New Madrid area since Planet X has arrived in the inner solar system in 2003. The Niagara substation, repeated source of blackouts due to Seaway rip, with Cleveland quake swarms and Maine lifting. Sinkholes, crevasses, buckling roadways, train derailments, gas and water main breaks, stretch stench, mining accidents, and a Gulf quake. Scientists warn the New Madrid is pending. New Orleans disaster as a mini-example of what is to come in the Mississiippi Valley and beyond when the New Madrid finally snaps.