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The Spirit World - Ghosts, Possession, and Being OOB

The stuff of souls, the composition of spirits. How are souls born, what requirements exist for the womb of the soul. Why souls incarnate, and what occurs when no soul incarnates a human, or several want to do so. Old souls and young, and how to tell the difference. Why souls cannot die, but can stagnate. What the spirits of the dead do between lives. Relationship between NDE and OOB and what the Shaman experiences. Why ghosts haunt, and what limits are placed upon them. Poltergeist explained. The difference between possession and a walk-in, and what truly takes place during an exorcism. What the human caught in a possession is experiencing. How the soul or possessing spirit can control the body, and the physical limitations on this. Levitation and writings on the body, and how this is possible. Why past lives are only vaguely remembered. How the soul sees, hears, and is aware of its environment, whether incarnated or not.