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Light Options, when the Light Bulbs are Gone

The gloom and drizzle expected after the pole shift, where this will be intense and where light, and how long it will last. Reports of this in folklore during the prior shift from China, Polynesia, Finland, Mexico, Japan, and Egypt. A tt-forum expert talks about what survivors can expect to run on electricity, what will have to go, and the most efficient lighting use. What wears out the fastest, what lasts, and how to maximize the lifespan of lighting fixtures. Apples to apples comparison of various lighting fixtures, and what hope there is of manufacturing or rebuilding them in the aftertime. What lighting fixtures contain poisons. History of carbon arc lamps, a sunlight equivalent, and successful experiments by a tt-forum expert on building one using pencil leads. What full spectrum lighting means, the humans needs for such, and how the various lighting fixtures line up. The risks of storing explosive fuels for lamps, and alternatives in nature such as wax or oil or wood. And finally, Zeta advice on how to deal with it when the grid goes down.