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Interview with Bob Harvey on Biophilia

Animal adoption advocate discusses the mystique of the pet-owner bond. There's no question that humans have a hard-wired propensity to connect with nature and animals. Some call it animal magnetism, but scientists have identified the physiological phenomenon as biophilia. The idea of biophilia, coined by sociobiologist E.O. Wilson in 1984, helps explain many aspects of human behavior when it comes to the unshakeable human-pet bond. According to the ASPCA, when people interact with animals, it lowers their blood pressure and heart rate and offers them many emotionally therapeutic benefits. Bob Harvey is an active member of the Writer's League of Texas and the Humane Society. In 2004 he accepted early retirement to become the full-time homeopathic caregiver to his dog, Bravo, who battled cancer. He resides near Austin with his rescued dog, Star, and four cats.