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Bush Busting, and the 2003 Debacle

The Bush plan going into the 2000 election, and why the Supreme Court stepped in. Theft of the 2000 election. Why the rush into Iraq, despite no evidence of WMD. Relationship of oil to countries invaded. Evidence of the plan for the populace as evidenced by chemtrails, vacination problems, Homeland Security code red requirements, fake terrorism alerts, and flirtation with martial law. Relationship between population reduction and the planned work draft for the military. Zeta white lie about May 15, 2003, to bring the Buch cabal down. What the US government did just prior to that day, and the week following when May 20-27 dates were detailed by the Zetas on live radio, on the air. Operation TOPOFF-2, across the nation. Operation Planet X in Iraq. Code Orange, across the nation, a hair below Code Red. How the Bush plan has deteriorated, and the Puppet Master's plan to decapitate him because of the 2004 election fraud, defrauding Kerry. Why the Puppet Master is pissed. Decapitation steps, evident and pending. Evidence of military arrest of Bush, and the military revolt.