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Electricity for Basic Survival

An expert on matters electrical explains basic concepts and how to make a battery from scratch, how to rebuild batteries, and how to determine if a battery is sick. Battery types, and how to link them in series or parallel, pros and cons of each setup. DC or Alternating Current, what's it all about and what works in a survival camp setting. What fluids can be used, and what metals work best. How to make sulfuric acid. Batteries using wood ash as a base or salt water. Power generation in a primitive or survival situation. Using an electric drill, running backwards, as a generator to convert motion to an electron flow. The importance of a permanent magnet in power generation, in this regard. Scrounging for parts after a cataclysm such as a pole shift. Bikes on a rack to generate electricity or recharge batteries. Wind and water mills. Books to buy and free Adobe Reader PDF files on Troubled Times forum sites. History of Troubled Times and its wish to get survival information out to the public, at cost or for free.