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The Human Animal, a Zeta Perspective

Where the missing link can be found. The races of man, as they were genetically engineered, their base ape and nature, and the races that did not survive. What the engineers were concerned about, and why their engineering took millennia. Which race gets hopping mad, works by consensus, is violent only outside the family, or escapes into the trees rather than confronts, and how this influences their cultures today. Past lives, why we only remember the good stuff and how bad they likely were. The fight or flight response, and why we faint. The problems with vegetarianism, and what the cave man really had for dinner. Repressed emotions and the emergence of stress disease, and what we can do about it. Our desire to escape by getting high, getting drunk, bingeing on chocolates, or going crazy or fracturing into multiple personalities. Why anti-psychotic drugs aren't addressing the problem. Surprising insights about junk food. Humor as a weapon. The real causes of cancer, and why mothers kill their children. Self destructive behavior, and why this exists.