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Velikovsky, and the 3,600 Signature

Velikovsky bio. Relationship to his friend Einstein and Hapgood's theories. Interest in global catastrophe and cause. His books and their content and reaction from the scientific community. Discussion on many points outlined in his book Earth in Upheaval, based on geological facts, presenting Velikovsky statements bolstered by recent scientific studies and publications, and with ZetaTalk commentary. Subjects including flash frozen and permanently frozen mammoths and mastodons, dramatically sudden dropping or rising sea levels, wandering poles and tropical history of the current poles, geological changes, volcanic eruptions, sudden climate changes, massive tidal waves or tsunami around the globe, whales on mountain tops, burried forests, all with their 3,600 cycle signatures. Looking for the proof that the Earth experiences periodic cataclysms in step with the passage of Nibiru, aka Planet X? Here it is, and the time frame for the next passage has arrived.