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Cutting Tools, and How to Make Them from Scratch

The history of knives, and how the early use of the knife by cave men made a difference in their lives. Why the knife is the one tool you should not be without. Optimum knife shapes and sizes, and their many uses. Why swords don't qualify. Surgery, housing construction, food gathering and preparation with knives. Difference between stainless steel and high carbon steel. Why fixed blades are superior to folding knives. Sharpening knives with stones, and how to identify and find these sharpening stones. What car parts would make knives material. Making an axe or knife from rock, step by step instructions. In desperate times, alternatives available. How to make a forge, and cautions about this. Metal materials and where to scrounge for them. What makes good tinder. How to start a fire without matches, even in the rain, using flint or a fire piston or a wood bow and drill for this. How to stoke a fire.