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The Stretch Zone, that Sinking Feeling

Atlantic Coastline plateaus, now under water. Expected reduction in sea level for East Coast and United Kingdom. Stretch zones around the world, and what they can expect. Beginning of stretch problems in 2002, with examples from a six month period in 2004. Dozens of examples of train derailments, sinkholes, gas and water main breaks, and exploding factories. The torque effect, and its effect on bridges and roads and suddenly emerging crevasses. Comparison of stress in stretch zone to stress in compression or subjection zones. Relationship between black water off Florida coast in 2002 and continent wide stench in US in 2005. What to expect in the future, including imploding buildings, and timing of when the most severe stretch problems will develop. Areas around the world most affected by being in a stretch zone, with Zeta advice for each.