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The Pole Shift, a Wild Ride

Pole Shift process from standpoint of planetary magnets. The twists Planet X takes and forces upon the Earth. Preceding or leading events and their cause. Relationship of heavy red dust and debris to Pole Shift timing. How to protect against hail and wind and firestorms. Likely locations of firestorms and direction of wind. How the Earth reacts during rotation stoppage and how animals and humans will react. Whether freezing or frying will occur during rotation stoppage. Interplanetary lightning. Detailed description of the pole shift and effect on the crust of the Earth and her oceans. What to anticipate as the Earth slides under her blankets of air and water, the atmosphere and the oceans. How to survive the earthquakes, and which mountain ranges will experience mountain building. Volcanic eruption guide. Where new land will rise. Signs that the hour of the shift has started. Resulting new geography.