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Elite Exodus, Where Will They Run?

Where did the Lear jets fly in 2003, when the elite anticipated the Passage? Why 2003 was a prefect preview of what to expect when the pole shift is imminent. Remarkable reports on an exodus from Houston, wealthy enclaves on the West and East Coasts, flying low beneath the radar and in the wee hours of the morning, and arrival in Alberta and Greenbrier. Did they let you know there was something to worry about? Reports from construction and supply crews on bunkers built into the rock in mountain areas, and what kind of supplies were stocked. Admissions by those connected to the wealthy on how word of mouth is spread, and what is said! The elite plans for military bunkers such as Mt Weather and Raven's Rock and Kokomo and the Denver Airport, and eye witness reports on other installations in Arizona and Colorado and the Ozarks not on the books. What surprises underground bunkers will hold for the elite. International spots the elite will flee to, in Argentina, Kazakstan, Bottswana, and Australia, and what kind of a reception they will receive.