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The Annunaki, Ancient Gods

Evidence from ancient Sumeria, from the Planet of the Crossing evern 3,600 years, and as referenced in the Bible as the Nefilim. Construction of the Great Pyramids and Sphinx, and association with the Face on Mars and other Mars evidence of past inhabitation. Purpose of these Annunaki monuments. Cruelty and intimidation methods used by the Annunaki. Why the Annunaki left Mars to come to Earth, and where they are now. Actual and relative size of these giants, compared to man, and the impact they had on cultures around the world. David and Goliath, Fountain of Youth, Sodom and Gomorra, Ark of the Covenant, city of El Dorado, and other myths about the Annunaki. Why they need Gold. life on their home planet, and what they experience during the Passage. Annunaki use of tetrahedral crystals for communication and why Atlantis was destroyed.