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Debunking ZetaTalk, Have They Ever Succeeded?

The range of debunkers, and their agendas - government disinfo, frightened attacks against the messenger, the rigidities of science and religion, and those jealous of ZetaTalk popularity. Why ZetaTalk is an impossible message for the establishment. Debates on sci.astro in 1997 as example of denial and rigidity on science concepts - speed in space, crust shift evidence, mastodons frozen in polar circle, dropped ocean level at time of Jewish Exodus, Tunguska explosion. Forgeries and plagiarism examples. Forging email or postings to appear from Nancy, Skeptical Mind takeover plans, attempts to replace Nancy as Zeta conduit, Mark Hazelwood episode. Distraction and insults - cults and/or crazy. The dead dog issues lives on. Distorting the ZetaTalk message and taking out of context.