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The Secret Government, MJ12 Fact and Fiction

The three factors in place influencing alien contact with the US Military. Omnipotent Krlll and Roswell, two different approaches to establishing contact and their results. Alien technology, what really happened at crash sites such as the crash at Kecksburg. Truth or fiction regarding the Montauk Project, Project Prometheus, the Philadelphia Experiment, and HAARP generated earthquakes. How power outages were effected and why these occurred decades ago but are no longer happening. Formal agreements aliens had with MJ12, such as registering contactees during off-Earth trips and whether these agreements are still in effect. How the Zeta influenced over MJ12 resulted in the rash of movies about global cataclysms. The CIA influence over MJ12, and likewise the tentacles MJ12 has into the rest of the US government. MJ12/CIA programs such as drug running and harrassing contactees and handing over citizens for experimentation. How MJ12 governed, the current structure of MJ12, and how and when MJ12 can cease to exist.