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The Magnetic Dance Between Earth and Planet X

Earth's weakening magnetic field. Are polar reversals possible? The evidence at Steens Mountain, and how this relates to evidence of wandering poles. The sliding crust theory, the only one that fits. Planetary magnetism, the mechanism, and why planets try to behave as magnets do. Magnetism explained, the particle and why it flows as it does, and why iron facilitates this. The 6 steps in the magnetic dance between Earth and Planet X. The twists and turns Planet X takes during its passage and how this affects Earth. How the Atlantic Rift becomes a large surface magnet, and the live seismograph signatures showing Planet X tugging. The Earth wobble, and how tugging and pushing on Earth's poles cause this. The lean to the left of Earth as Planet X comes round from the right, leading into 3 days of darkness, a tipped globe, 6 days of sunrise West. Why rotation of Earth slows to a stop, and how this resolves when the shift occurs. Ancient records from the Egyptians to Plato recording the steps in the magnetic dance. This has happened before, and is in the process of happening now!