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Why FEMA Failed, and Martial Law Options

FEMA, and Bush administration, failures and revelations during New Orleans crisis. FEMA under the Bush and Clinton presidencies. FEMA powers to suspend the Constitution, under Executive Orders. TWA800 and OKC as clues to the plan to impose Martial Law in the US. Bill Coopers predictions re Anthrax, and his subsequent assassination, and the US history with bioterorism labs. Rash of microbiologist deaths. Pandemics as Martial Law quarantine excuse, and US lab release of 1957 virus. Why the Navy's Maritime Law would support Martial Law, and the Navy's cozy association with the Bush crowd. How tagging citizens with the health ID card would facilitate sorting citizens into work or extermination camps. The likelihood of travel restrictions or blockades going into the pole shift. And why FEMA failed during the New Orleans crisis, and what this means for the Martial Law plans.