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Yes, There Are Rules

Alien/alien interactions, ie Rules of Engagement. Alien/human interactions, Rule of Non-interference. How the human is always in control by giving the Call. The overall goal of having a non-interference schoolhouse such as Earth. How aliens can influence humans during visitations, and what bounds are in place. What limits are put on aliens in the Service-to-Self to limit their power to intimidate humans. How cattle mutilations, Dragons, Vampires, Mothman, and the Chupacabras fit into this picture and under what circumstances humans can be savaged. Examples of exceptions to the Rule of Non-Interference. How healings and protections and contactee modifications fit into this scheme. Why contactees in the hybrid program most often have a pre-birth agreement. How quarantines work, how they are enforced, and what groups are under a quarantine. Why NASA has problems with Mars probes and attempts to nuke Planet X.