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ZetaTalk Accuracy, It Just Doesn't Stop!

Listing ships in 2006, and the Zetas prediction on magnetic interference and clash from the tail of Planet X. Giant ocean vortex off coast of Australia in 2006 and Zeta prediction on ocean whirlpools. Jet Stream changes, per Zeta predictions and a Zeta explanations. H5N1 bird flu pandemic likelihood in light of human-to-human transmission, and the Zeta prediction on a pandemic occurrence. Bush administration plans to invade Iran, recent revelation of secret 2003 Pentagon plans, and the many Zeta statements re this. Zeta prediction on crop shortages due to temperature extremes, and results of the 2006 heat spells in Europe and the US. Zeta statements on NASA's need to triangulate position of Planet X, and the recent 2006 Sterio probe sent aloft. Discovery shuttle problems emerging in July 2006, after Zeta warning on July 1. Zeta statements re the spreading of the Atlantic Rift, with recent Nature magazine article re scientific confirmation of recent activity. 1995 Zeta explanation of the gravity repulsion force, with 1998 astronomer admissions of new evidence of same. Zeta statements about the elite plans for Moon/Mars bases and recent news articles.