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Waterworlds, and Other Alien Habitats

Percentage of planets that can bear life, or evolve intelligent life. Why intelligent reptiles or fish or even insects evolve. Description by Nancy of the many varieties of life forms she has been introduced to, and how they interacted. The variety of hominoid types visiting Earth, the Praying Mantis not an insect and the Zetas grays not reptilian. Which visitors have contributed their DNA during mankind's genetic engineering in the past. Why contactees often consider their visitors ugly, and what happens during a visitation when the contactee or visitor would normally eat the other. Why we have little contact with Earth resident neighbors like Bigfoot or the Men-in-Black. Whether some life forms are inherently cold hearted, and others warm hearted, and how this affects the evolution of the soul. Detail description of the waterworld where many souls on Earth will reincarnate into after the pole shift.