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The Life and Death of MJ12, What Where They Up To?'

Where space ships reversed engineered, and what went on at Area 51? Who crashed the ship at Kecksberg. Alien technology, in the hands of American corporations? Bob Lazar's tale, true or false? The crash at Roswell, who lived and died. What the Omnipotent Krlll says about good and evil in the Universe. The CIA's influence over MJ12 in the early days, and where this led. How and why power outages occurred in the past, and why they have stopped! MJ12 atrocities under the CIA - experiments on street people and missing babies. MJ12 and aliens and the coming pole shift disasters in the movies, the MJ12 influence on Hollywood. How MJ12 was misused for personal gain of members, and the repercussions. Did the CIA run drugs to fund MJ12? How MJ12 operates within the federal government, its many tentacles. The leaked MJ12 documents, is there truth in them? MJ12 projects - Philadelphia Experiment, Montauk, Prometheus, and Alternatives 1, 2, and 3. MJ12 membership, who gets inducted? The day MJ12 disbanded, and why.