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The Unthinkable Message, How will People Respond?

Why people attack the messenger, beyond the professional debunker, and why they will become increasingly shrill. How far denial will go. Does it have a point when the truth is acknowledged? The aware and the unaware, will they react in different ways? The surprising answer. Why lack of action will prevail, leading to last minute panic. Suicide or a death wish, will this be prevalent? Different reactions among those in safe areas or on coastal or in river basin areas. The likelihood of looting, and where this is unlikely to occur. How the government will react, and life in government camps a trap. Whether government will close down. Plans of the elite, and how the cover-up plays into their hands. How reactions among the good hearted differ from reactions among those scheming to take advantage of others. How the spiritually undecided react. Rescue expectations, and why rescue is not possible. Last minute panic, how this differs among those who are aware or unaware, have prepared or have delayed, are trapped and immobilized or free to travel. The best, worst, and likely scenarios.