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Bugs, Worms, and Weeds - What to Eat when the Cupboard is Bare

Walking the talk, what Early Zeta ate on their home planet! The scope of bug eating today, in countries around the world - roasted, fried, or raw. How to prepare them. What parts not to eat, and why insects should be eaten fresh. How to gather insects for supper. Growing and purging grubs. Earthworms, 82% protein and high in Omega-3 oils. How to grow and harvest earthworms, purge and clean them for supper. Grunting worms from the ground. What not to feed your earthworms. Nancy's personal experience with eating earthworms. Examples of edible weeds, and how they compare to standard vegetables. The surprising vitamin content of weeds. Weeds high in minerals. What to do with Kudzu, and what parts to eat. Snails, crawfish, frogs, and bone soup - nothing goes to waste.