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Vote Fraud, a Sword that Cuts Both Ways

Karl Rove style vote fraud in Texas gubernatorial races. Why vote fraud is just now in the US press, when it occurred in 2000 and 2004. Avoiding mention of electronic manipulation of votes, the Puppet Master mutes the message. Specifics on how election fraud is done, via Diebold machines. What hit the major media in 2004 and what is just now being allowed to hit the press. Changing the vote totals like an Excel spread sheet, remotely via a hand held device! Why the TruVote inventor met with an accident. The Help America Vote act, and its true intent, to steal American's vote. The massive evidence that Gore won Florida in 2000, and Kerry carried the nation by a landslide in 2004. Why Kerry caved so quickly. Why the recent explosion in expose in Rolling Stones magazine, USAToday, and on CNN. How things would have been different if Gore and Kerry had prevailed.