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The ZetaTalk Saga, how ZetaTalk Began

Excerpts from the chat logs in 1995, when ZetaTalk began in an AOL chat room. How Q&A with the Zetas has changed since the early days. The love/hate relationship with ZetaTalk that expressed from the beginning, and the compelling fascination that ZetaTalk holds for both camps. Hostility toward ZetaTalk, the early expressions of this, and how the Zetas responded with debate, from the start. Range of questions posed to the prolific Zetas in the early days, and the first words from the Zetas on pertinent issues. Speculation on the source of ZetaTalk, due to the astonishing detail and scientific knowledge displayed, and demands that Nancy provide proof that the Zetas are real. Nancy's story, her first meeting with the Zetas as a child, pre-birth agreement, participation in the Zeta/human hybrid program, introduction to a hybrid child, early encounters with MJ12 as a contactee, brain modification to enhance telepathic communications with the Zetas, and introductions to life from other planets.